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#113 Definitive Measures Against Typhoons

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Definitive Measures Against Typhoons by Rectification of EM The 6th Environment Forum “Utsukushima EM Paradise” introduced in the previous issue has reached conclusions regarding EM radiation contamination countermeasures. For details, refer to the 2016 EM Disaster Recovery Support Project Case Study Collection published by U-net. In the 97th issue of this series, I introduced the EM rectification effect that was… Read more »

Een herstellend EM resonantie veld creëren met een EM barriere

Hieronder vind je een verzameling praktische informatie over de interessante ‘EM barrières’ waar prof. Higa zo nu en dan in zijn artikelen over schrijft. De bedoeling is dat je met behulp van deze informatie zelf je een EM barriere kan opzetten in je tuin, huis of stad. Het begin Prof. Higa is 15 jaar geleden begonnen te experimenteren met de… Read more »

#108: Multi-purpose Utilization of Activated EM with Seawater and Salt

Dr. Higa Living A Dream nieuwsbericht #108: When we make activated EM we use seawater, but high quality activated solution can also be made by adding salt so the content is equivalent to seawater (3 to 3.5% salt). Since bacteria are completely suppressed, this solution does not deteriorate even after one year has passed, as long as it is saved… Read more »