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Oil-eating bacteria could clean up the next spill

Oil spills have become an unfortunate part of modern life. As long as we’re dependent on oil for energy and moving it around the globe, there will be spills. While that’s a depressing thought, the good news is that researchers are continually finding better ways to clean up these spills, like magic sponge-like materials that can hold far more than their weight… Read more »

deel 2 – EM Bokashi Kleiballen gooien in Nederland tijdens Internationale EM Bokashi kleiballen dag!

Inmiddels hebben we weer foto’s ontvangen. Nu een klein initiatief in Overveen van Amelie en Marielle.   Bedankt!  

EM Bokashi Ballen voor schoon water in Johannesburg, Zuid Afrika

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo en de Hollard Jozi Urban Mountain Bike Adventure (Juma) team hebben de handen ineen geslagen om te zorgen dat de Braamfontein Spruit schoon is voor het jaarlijks fietsevenement. Het Juma team en City Parks hebben de reacties van afgelopen jaren opgepakt en hebben maatregelen genomen om de bepaalde delen van de fietsroute te verbeteren. “Onze missie is om een… Read more »

One million Apologies to Mother Earth (Maleisië)

uit het archief van www.emrojapan.com (augustus 2009): The Beginning of a Milestone Penang state in Malaysia known as the Pearl of Orient, is an island popular for tourists for its rich Chinese heritage, offering beautiful temples, ruins, museums, preserved forests and beautiful beaches. Unfortunately, due to the recently business development focused on the coastal locations, local environment is being change… Read more »

Black finless porpoise increased in the ocean (Japan)

Een case study uit het archief van EM Research Organisation Japan: Mikawa Bay Purification Citizen School, which was established in 2002 in the Mikawa Bay area, exhibited at the Aichi Expo Seto venue in 2005 regarding their activities. With the slogan, “exciting environmental purification,” and as a volunteer activity that makes use of the autonomy and independence of each individual,… Read more »