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Can Psychobiotics Actually Alter Your Mood?

JUNE 29TH, 2018, MAGGIE HARRIMAN What if you could eat certain foods, or take a supplement, that improved your mood, decreased your anxiety, or strengthened your memory? Turns out, there’s promising research showing that certain probiotics may change your gut bacteria in ways that could also lower stress and improve memory. One day, these findings could lead to probiotic treatments for… Read more »

How Soil Biology Impacts N on the Farm

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The importance of our soil biology and its activity is not often spoken about when farmers are considering their N inputs for the season. Instead rates and expected dry matter tend to be the main talking points. Overlooking the biological processes is what limits farmers from getting the most out of their N inputs. It also illustrates why we often see… Read more »

Probiotics detoxify harmful chemicals from the body

The study of gut health and the microbiome is on the cutting edge of wellness, and people are returning to diets that include fermented, probiotic foods. Kombucha is massively popular today, as is kefir, sauerkraut, yogurt and other natural homemade foods, and our understanding of the benefits of probiotics continues to grow. We are learning how mood may be heavily influenced… Read more »

Hoe bescherm ik mijn buxus?

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Hoe kun je je buxus beschermen tegen schadelijke schimmels? Door met een natuurlijk systeem de weerstand van de Buxus te verhogen. Zo wordt het meer weerbaar tegen ongewenste schimmels als cylindrocladium buxicola en Volutella buxi. Planten die (nog) niet ziek zijn of een beginnende aantasting hebben, kun je helpen met het opbouwen van een goede weerstand. Hoe ga je te… Read more »

How to Optimize Your Gut Health

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What is Gut Health? Although Hippocrates hypothesized that all diseases begin in the gut over 2,000 years ago, research is recently beginning to truly understand the massive impact that gut health has on overall health, wellbeing and disease control. The truth is, the gut and its functions are extremely complex. The human body is composed of equal if not more bacteria than cells…. Read more »

EM Probioticum, goedgekeurd voor menselijke consumptie, verwacht in Nederland!

In onze berichten van vorige week stond dat er een EM-A variant goedgekeurd was voor menselijk gebruik in Duitsland. Wij hebben nagevraagd bij Agriton en zij bevestigden dat zij ook met een EM-A verpakking komen die geschikt en goedgekeurd is voor menselijk gebruik als probioticum. De verwachting is dat het beschikbaar zal zijn in het begin van volgend jaar. Zodra… Read more »


Scientists are finally starting to understand the gut and brain connection, and this understanding can lead to huge breakthroughs in regard to various mental disorders, and how what’s going on in the gut could actually be a culprit for many of these illnesses. Many are surprised to learn that an estimated 90% of the serotonin produced by the body actually comes from… Read more »