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Your gut is your second brain

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Your gastrointestinal tract is now considered one of the most complex microbial ecosystems on earth, and its influence is such that it’s frequently referred to as your “second brain.” Nearly 100 trillion bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms compose your gut microbiome, and advancing science has made it quite clear that these organisms play a major role in your health, both… Read more »

How long does it take for your gut bacteria to recover after antibiotics?

As we rapidly discover the importance a rich and diverse gut microbiomehas on our overall health, some researchers are beginning to ask what the impact of widespread antibiotic use has been on our gut bacteria. A new study has closely examined the regrowth in gut bacteria after major antibiotic interventions, revealing that while much of our microbiome does recover, some species… Read more »

Study finds disinfectant cleaners may alter children’s gut microbiome

The right balance of good and bad bacteria in our gut affects our ability to extract nutrients from our food, supports our immune system function and affects mental health. Yet it seems the microbiome of children is potentially compromised by common household products, such as disinfectant cleaners. The Study of Children’s Microbiome A new Canadian study analyzed the microbiome of… Read more »

Kunstmatige zoetstoffen giftig voor darmflora -al bij 1 ml/mg

Kunstmatige zoetstoffen (o.a. aspartaam, sucralose, saccharine) zijn giftig voor darmflora. Om exacter te zijn: de zoetstoffen maken de bacteriën binnen het spijsverteringssysteem giftig. Je hoeft hiervoor niet veel te nemen: het gebeurt al bij 1 mg/ml. Kunstmatige zoetstoffen giftig voor darmflora Dat kunstmatige zoetstoffen giftig zijn voor de darmbacteriën, laat een nieuwe publicatie in Molecules weten. In het onderzoek werd de toxiciteit… Read more »

We zijn schoner dan ooit. Te schoon, misschien

Uit een artikel van Trouw “We zijn schoner dan ooit. Te schoon, misschien” Als gezonde mensen gezond willen blijven, hebben ze juist contact nodig met allerlei verschillende soorten microben, zegt Smits: “Als we voldoende signalen krijgen van micro-organismen om ons heen, wordt ons afweersysteem opgevoed. Daardoor kan het een beter onderscheid maken tussen signalen die lichaamseigen en lichaamsvreemd zijn, en… Read more »

Fast and hardwired: Gut-brain connection could lead to a “new sense”

The mysteries of our “second brain” are a profound new frontier in 21st century medical science. While research is rapidly discovering amazing connections between our gut and our brain, little is known about how these two distinct parts of the body communicate with each other. A remarkable new study has upturned existing ideas surrounding gut-brain communication, revealing a fast-acting neural circuit… Read more »

8 of the most powerful probiotic-rich foods (that aren’t yogurt)

Many foods are beneficial for the gut, but some reign supreme in terms of their abundance of live microorganisms. Eating foods rich in probiotic microorganisms can help your digestive system function more efficiently and may contribute to a healthier immune system, along with many other health benefits. Chances are, yogurt is the first food that comes to mind when you think of… Read more »