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Handshakes: Sharing the Love, Sharing the Microbes

But could you ever seriously fist bump your physician? The first official world record for handshaking was set by President Theodore Roosevelt on January 1, 1907, after he shook hands with a finger-crushing 8,510 people in the White House. One hopes these 8,510 had thoroughly washed their hands, as engaging in intimate palm-on-palm contact is a well-known cause of spreading… Read more »

Why You Should Probably Be Glad You’re Not a Brown Bear or an Edible Dormouse

Do bacteria cozy up for the winter? With the winter rapidly approaching, as it is in the Northern Hemisphere, there may be days when you’re not only reluctant to get out of bed, but are actually downright drawn to the idea of hibernating. Scientists refer to hibernation as “dormancy,” a period in an organism’s life-cycle when growth and development are… Read more »

Raining Cats and Dogs… and Bacteria?

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Can raindrops contain bacteria? And if so, how? With the uBiome HQ being in San Francisco, we’re well aware of living in a place that needs all the rain it can get. After all, California is entering its sixth year of drought, and it perhaps explains why people in this part of the world were excited by last month’s (October’s)… Read more »

Climate Change Starts With a Sea

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Marine microbes—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Maybe, like us, you’ve spun a globe in a library or school and realised that there’s one viewpoint that shows pretty much all ocean. Not surprising, really, when you recall that oceans cover 71% of our planet’s surface. And with rising sea levels, perhaps even more than 71% of the earth’s surface… Read more »

How probiotics are fueling a toxin-free skincare revolution

“Close your eyes and focus on the first image that pops into your head when I say ‘nature’,” Dr Larry Weiss tells me over the phone. “Okay, now … does the image include any humans?” Weiss, the chief medical officer of skincare company AO Biome, says that he has posed this question to thousands of people, but not a single… Read more »

Are There Bacteria in Your Buick, Microbes in Your Mazda?

Buckle up for an auto-microbiome road trip Scrambling the letters of the word “bacteria” produces the anagram “a car bite,” which seems a suitable way to introduce this week’s exploration of some eye-opening automobile/bacteria connections. And as we’ll see, some do indeed relate to food. In 2014, the American Automobile Association estimated that the average US driver spends 46 minutes… Read more »

The Surprising Antimicrobial Powers of Copper

Why modern hospitals are waking up to an ancient Egyptian secret. You may think little would link smelly socks with the metallic element copper. But since this post is brought to you by the team at uBiome, you’ll perhaps not be overly surprised to learn that, as ever, there’s a bacterial connection. It’s bacteria’s interaction with sweat that causes foot… Read more »