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Black finless porpoise increased in the ocean (Japan)

Een case study uit het archief van EM Research Organisation Japan: Mikawa Bay Purification Citizen School, which was established in 2002 in the Mikawa Bay area, exhibited at the Aichi Expo Seto venue in 2005 regarding their activities. With the slogan, “exciting environmental purification,” and as a volunteer activity that makes use of the autonomy and independence of each individual,… Read more »

World Cultural Heritage Temple Pond Became Clean (Japan)

One of the most remarkable reports in EM application case studies in Japan is the Todaiji Temple, which was built in the begining of the 8th century and is famous for the “Great Buddha in Nara”. They are using EM Technology with excellent results not only for water treatment of the pond inside the Temple but also for the recovery of pine… Read more »