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Soybeans Seeds Germination Experiment

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Een facebook bericht van EMRO Japan: Our staff tested differences on germination of soy bean seeds using EM and Water. Some seeds were soaked in water and the other were soaked in Activated EM・1 (dilution of 1:1000) in advance. Then put them into water against Activated EM・1 (dilution of 1:1000) for 7 days. See the differences!!!!!!!!!!!! Bekijk het filmpje hieronder… Read more »

#108: Multi-purpose Utilization of Activated EM with Seawater and Salt

Dr. Higa Living A Dream nieuwsbericht #108: When we make activated EM we use seawater, but high quality activated solution can also be made by adding salt so the content is equivalent to seawater (3 to 3.5% salt). Since bacteria are completely suppressed, this solution does not deteriorate even after one year has passed, as long as it is saved… Read more »