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Links between gut microbes and depression strengthened

The once-wild idea that intestinal bacteria influence mental health has transformed into a major research pursuit. Just ten years ago, the idea that microorganisms in the human gut could influence the brain was often dismissed as wild. Not any more. Links between the central nervous system and the trillions of bacteria in the gut — the microbiota — are now… Read more »

Gut Bacteria Could Combat Obesity and Depression

A five-year microbiome project, funded by the EU, has linked the presence of specific strains of gut bacteria to protection from obesity, glucose intolerance, and even depression. The project, called MyNewGut, found evidence that specific strains of bacteria can contribute to obesity in people on high-fat or high-sugar diets. Research led by Yolanda Sanz, Professor at the Institute of Agrochemistry and… Read more »

Revolutions: The gut microbiome

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Revolutions is our new series that brings together a hand-picked selection of recent articles canvassing cutting-edge insights into major scientific advances. This first rundown brings you up to date with the ground-breaking science surrounding our gut microbiome. It’s striking to realize, but living inside all of us are trillions of micro-organisms. The vast majority of these tiny hitchhikers inhabit our… Read more »

Depressie ontstaat niet in het brein maar in de darmen

10 juli 2018 –  In ons darmstelsel bevinden zich vijftig biljoen bacteriën die samen het microbioom vormen en een enorme invloed hebben op onze lichamelijke en mentale gezondheid. Dokter Michael Mosley schreef er Het slimmedarmendieet over, zo meldt topics.nl In Het slimmedarmendieet legt dokter Michael Mosley (61), presentator van uitstekende wetenschapsprogramma’s op de BBC, uit hoe het microbioom ons immuunsysteem en ons lichaamsgewicht… Read more »

Wat is het effect van probiotica op tryptofaan en serotonine?

Hoe is het effect van probiotica op tryptofaan en op de aanmaak van serotonine? Probiotica leveren een positieve bijdrage aan verbetering van humeur, vermindering van angst en depressie, tonen studies. De darmen zijn het ‘tweede brein’ die humeur en gezondheid sterk bepalen. Zo’n 95% van de serotonine-aanmaak vindt in de darmen plaats. Darmbacteriën bepalen veel Zoals we inmiddels wel weten doen… Read more »

Depressed? Anxious? What If Your Bacteria Are Playing a Part?

The fascinating world of the gut-brain axis. Although we’re used to science advancing at the speed of light these days, it hasn’t always been like this. Take the Greek physician Hippocrates, for example, born around 460 BC. He proposed that the human body contained four fluids or “humors”—blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile, usually in balance. When one of… Read more »