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Long Term No-Till Case Study

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This family run farm is the pioneer of no-tillage farming in the Parana state in Brazil. The Uemura family started with soybean cultivation applying conventional farming methods. However, they realised that the yield was decreasing due to soil erosion while the cost for agricultural inputs were rising, making farming in there area more unfeasible. Because of this they decided to implement… Read more »

EM in Large Scale Farming (Brazil)

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Activated EM-1 Agrosalgueiro Group in Brazil has started the use of EM in large scale since 2014. EM-1 is being used to seed treatment, soil treatment, plant treatment and diseas e controls. EM・1 is applied in different stage of farming; On seeds – EM・1 is mixed with inoculants during seeds treatment. On soil – EM・1 is injected on furrow during planting… Read more »