LANDBANK, MBSPPI introduced mud balls in ‘Adopt-an-Estero’ [FILIPIJNEN]



At least 1,400 volunteers participated last August 21 in the newest ‘Adopt-an-Estero’ program launched by Manila Bay SUNSET Partnership Program, Inc. (MBSPPI) led by LANDBANK.

Simultaneous with LANDBANK’s 53rd anniversary and annual Manila Bay Clean-Up, the innovative program introduced Bokashi Mud Balls, a technology developed by EarthVenture, Inc., which exploits Effective Microorganisms (EM) to prevent the growth of algae and break down sludge, refining the water resources.

Around 6,000 mud balls, which will be fermented, were produced on the same day with help of volunteers from both public and private sectors for the next mud ball throwing in September and October.

As part of the ‘Adopt-an-Estero’ launching, approximately 1,800 mud balls made by volunteers in the quarter clean-up last May 28 and had been fermented were thrown on at Estero de Abad in Adriatico, Manila, a tributary connected to Manila Bay.

Meanwhile, tons of garbages were collected at the side of Manila Bay through the initiative of volunteers in the annual Manila Bay Clean-Up. On top of it, a total of P153, 107.28 was donated to MBSPPI by the
Manila Broadcasting Company as an additional fund for clean-up operations.

Manila Bay SUNSET (Socially Responsible and United in Nurturing and Sustaining the Environment) Partnership Program, Inc. is LANDBANK’s Corporate Social Responsibility program launched in 2009
composed of public-private, multi-sectoral partners.

MBSPPI also welcomed five new members in the event—Department of Public Works and Highways, Department of Natural Resources – Environmental Management Bureau, Maynilad Water Services, De La
Salle University – Manila, and Villar Sipag at Tiyaga Foundation, Inc., an NGO headed by Sen. Cynthia A. Villar.


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