EM Mudballs Event in Latin America

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The “World EM Mudball Day” was declared as a memorial day, since one million of EM Mudballs were thrown in the Gurney bay by the Malaysian Government of Penang State in August 8, 2009, with the presence of Dr. Teruo Higa.

This year, EMRO’s partner in Latin America also joined the “World EM Mudball Day” activities, and the EM Mudballs events were held in many countries.

You can see the host countries and how many EM Mudballs were used in those events below.

· Costa Rica 2,600

· Belize 2,000
· Chile 1,000
· Argentina 1,000
· Ecuador 2,858
· Brazil 500 ( River Purification Project )

· Brazil 10,000

Bekijk het fimpje hieronder of ga naar: https://youtu.be/d97XjN7H6vc

Bron: https://www.emrojapan.com/news/detail/182

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