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#118 Application of barriers using EM rectification force

  As EM has become widely used in fields other than agriculture, the revitalization phenomena has clearly appeared in various fields. Use of EM will not only stop rust in agricultural equipment and in barns, but continuing to wash cars with EM will stop cars from rusting, their engines’ efficiency will improve, as will mileage, and driving stability will be… Read more »

#117 The 1st EM Produce Growers’ Networking Conference

On March 22nd and 23rd, with the cooperation of International Nature Farming Research Center, EM Laboratory, Co., Ltd., Eco Pure (Web Ecopure), EM Life Co., Ltd., EM JAPAN Inc., and EM Research Organization, Inc., the “1st EM Produce Growers’ Networking Conference” was held at the EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa. First, there was an explanation on the present conditions… Read more »

How Soil Biology Impacts N on the Farm

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The importance of our soil biology and its activity is not often spoken about when farmers are considering their N inputs for the season. Instead rates and expected dry matter tend to be the main talking points. Overlooking the biological processes is what limits farmers from getting the most out of their N inputs. It also illustrates why we often see… Read more »

Onderzoek Ebelsheerd: Bokashi stuwt OS-gehalte in bodem

Een artikel in Akker van het Noorden over de resultaten van een driejarig onderzoek met onze Bokashi. De ietwat mysterieuze organische bodemverbeteraar bokashi wint snel aan populariteit. Eerst in de melkveehouderij, nu ook in de akkerbouw. Proefboerderij Ebelsheerd lijkt overtuigd. ‘De huidige resultaten wijzen erop dat met bokashi het organische stofgehalte in de bodem sneller omhoog gaat dan met compost.’… Read more »

EM en de multifunctionele werking van zeewater en zout

Het gebruik van EM voor de aanpak van zoutschade heeft al meer dan 25 jaar geschiedenis. In de jaren 90 werd er in Pakistan en Egypte al opgemerkt dat EM ervoor zorgde dat schade van zout niet alleen ongedaan werd gemaakt, maar dat EM er ook voor zorgde dat zout in een meststof veranderde: er werd een opmerkelijke verbetering in… Read more »

Bokashi could revolutionize weed growing, and maybe agriculture in general

When imagining where an agricultural vanguard might occur, one could be forgiven for overlooking our sprawling urban playgrounds of concrete and metal in favor of the more historically fertile ground found in the rural parts of our country. But at least one company, Innovative Organics, situated only a few miles west of downtown Denver in a 12,000-square-foot rental space, is… Read more »

#115 How to make and use simple carbonized and rectified ash

In the previous issue I introduced “the development of materials to replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides”, which is the first goal of the Universal Village International Conference, and how this can be achieved by multipurpose utilization of salt, mainly sea salt. At the same time, I explained that it is important to return charcoal to the soil in order to… Read more »