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Piramidehuis met EM, Bouwen naar oeroude voorbeelden, een artikel in EM Magazine 20, 2018

Hier vindt u een uitgebreid artikel over de piramides en het gebruik van EM (Effectieve Micro-organismen). Het artikel kunt u lezen of downloaden via de volgende link: EM-magazine-20-2018-Piramidehuis-met-EM-Bouwen-naar-oeroude-voorbeelden De genoemde EM producten zijn te bestellen via Bron:

#121 Escape from conventional agricultural traps

To date, agriculture has inevitably made use of artificial substances in order to increase productivity, reaching the situation of present-day agriculture with its heavy reliance chemical fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, and large machinery. This style accelerates degradation of soil, and not only destroys ecosystems and biodiversity, but also it is directly linked with topsoil runoff, and pollution of the water system… Read more »

#120 Limitation and important caveats regarding utilization of salt

At the end of the previous issue, I stated “If the entire soil is rectified by using rectifying coal, conventional soil improvement becomes unnecessary and no-till cultivation becomes easy. That is, after harvesting, apply 500 to 1000 kg of salt per 1,000 m2, and after letting all the stalks and weeds wither and die, then apply a 1:50-1:100 solution of… Read more »

How Microbial inputs can Enhance Crop Development

The importance of plant development in increasing crop yield potential has become more and more evident since the beginning of the green revolution, since then there has been considerable work done to enhance these developmental traits which has led to improved crop performance. There are several developmental features of plants, such as overall plant architecture, leaf features and vasculature make… Read more »

Long Term No-Till Case Study

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This family run farm is the pioneer of no-tillage farming in the Parana state in Brazil. The Uemura family started with soybean cultivation applying conventional farming methods. However, they realised that the yield was decreasing due to soil erosion while the cost for agricultural inputs were rising, making farming in there area more unfeasible. Because of this they decided to implement… Read more »

Local composting gets a fillip

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dit artikel kwamen tegen, uit het archief van de Hindu (21-12-2017): Facilities to be opened in Avadi, Thiruverkadu and Poonamallee replicating Tiruchi and Vellore models By February, a portion of the bio-degradable waste generated at Avadi, Thiruverkadu and Poonamallee municipalities may not reach the dump yards. As part of an effort towards decentralised solid waste management, the Commissionerate of Municipal… Read more »

EM Vocational Program for a Prison in Belize

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Belize is a country located in Central America,between Mexico and Guatemala. In Belize Central Prison, inmates are trained by staff on how to grow vegetables and livestock using EM. These skills will helps them when they go back to society. We interviewed a staff about how EM is applied practically. Please enjoy the video on our Youtube channel, EM Library! “A… Read more »