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The Drought Fighter: Could a controversial farmer in California have found the most effective way to grow food in a warming world?

By TODD OPPENHEIMER On Singing Frogs Farm, a relatively minuscule, 8-acre operation in Sebastopol, California, Paul Kaiser says he is grossing more than $100,000 an acre just by harvesting vegetables. This is an astronomical sum for an urban farmer in today’s world. One afternoon last March, on a small vegetable farm that Paul Kaiser runs in a particularly chilly valley… Read more »

Sustainability on Steroids: Organic Farmer Grosses $100K an Acre

Could he have found the most effective way to grow food? We need GMOs to feed the world like a fish needs dry land. A controversial farmer in California is proving that a veritable bumper crop can be had using new farming methods that don’t require GMO pesticides, herbicides, or even weeding, and require 10 times less water than the… Read more »

Reclaim the Seeds 2015: op 28 februari en 1 maart in Driebergen

Ook in 2015 zal er weer een Reclaim-the-Seeds-weekend plaatsvinden. Deze keer is als locatie gekozen voor Driebergen, net ten oosten van Utrecht. Het evenement is welkom op het landgoed Kraaybeekerhof. Op zaterdag 28 februari is er een zadenbeurs en een programma met workshops, lezingen en discussies. Zondag 1 maart zal in het teken staan van gezamenlijke lokale initiatieven. Hierbij zal een… Read more »

Self-Sustaining Town Grows Vegetables in Most Unlikely Places

Imagine raising a vegetable garden right in front of your local police station, and not a single officer inquires about what you are doing. Or, plucking a few cherries from outside your doctors’ office before you go in for an annual check-up. How about harvesting some apples and pears from along a canal path? There are over 70 community gardens scattered… Read more »