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De bokashi-keten als natuurlijke verbinding tussen land en stad

Van maaisel uit de buurt de meststof bokashi maken en die toepassen op de bodem van zijn bedrijf. Dat was het idee van Jeroen van der Kooij van biologische rundveehouderij Rust-Hoff in Maasland. Nu gaat hij een volgende stap zetten: mensen uit de stad en uit de regio aan zijn bedrijf en de natuur verbinden door het opzetten van een… Read more »

There Is a Whole World Inside Every Plant

Plants have microbiomes, too, and they’re full of untapped secrets. IN CORVALLIS, OREGON, POSY BUSBY works in a garden planted with 3,000 black cottonwood trees that represent 1,000 unique genetic specimens, each originally found somewhere on the West Coast of North America, from California to Canada. Cottonwoods are some of the fastest-growing trees in the world, and the garden looks… Read more »

How postbiotics and smart toilets could be the future of gut bacteria treatment

New research from King’s College London has set out to produce a comprehensive database of the various compounds produced by the enormous array of bacteria that resides in our gut. By studying the composition of these compounds in our stool the researchers suggest an accurate picture of our gut microbiome can be generated and future treatment targets to battle conditions… Read more »

Oil-eating bacteria could clean up the next spill

Oil spills have become an unfortunate part of modern life. As long as we’re dependent on oil for energy and moving it around the globe, there will be spills. While that’s a depressing thought, the good news is that researchers are continually finding better ways to clean up these spills, like magic sponge-like materials that can hold far more than their weight… Read more »

Gut Microbes Could Play a Role in Heart Disease Too

Look after your microbiome! Research has shown that having the right gut microbes can reduce the risk of heart disease – if you’re a mouse. Now, our latest study, published in the European Heart Journal, shows that this might be true for humans, too. Most people know that the risk factors for heart disease are high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking…. Read more »

How bacteria are changing your mood

If anything makes us human it’s our minds, thoughts and emotions. And yet a controversial new concept is emerging that claims gut bacteria are an invisible hand altering our brains. Science is piecing together how the trillions of microbes that live on and in all of us – our microbiome – affect our physical health. But even conditions including depression,… Read more »

How Soil Biology Impacts N on the Farm

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The importance of our soil biology and its activity is not often spoken about when farmers are considering their N inputs for the season. Instead rates and expected dry matter tend to be the main talking points. Overlooking the biological processes is what limits farmers from getting the most out of their N inputs. It also illustrates why we often see… Read more »