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Artikelen Duitse EM Journal online!

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De Duitse EM verenigings website is vernieuwd en veel van de artikelen van het EM Journal staan nu online!!! De artikelen uit de nrs 24 van mei 2008 t/m 55 van feb 2016 van het EM Journal zijn volledig online gezet! En bij de overige nrs staat dat die binnenkort ook op de website komen te staan (november 2018). Artikelen lezen? Ga naar Selecteer het nummer dat je… Read more »

#116 Sumizo kun: The Ultimate Versatile Carbonization Equipment

I discussed in detail in the 114th and 115th issues of this series how to convert salt to fertilizer, that is, the application of the atomic transformation of EM, and soon many people involved in using EM took up the challenge. The people who implemented this regard it as miraculous, and the ultimate form of agriculture has begun to become… Read more »

#118 Application of barriers using EM rectification force

  As EM has become widely used in fields other than agriculture, the revitalization phenomena has clearly appeared in various fields. Use of EM will not only stop rust in agricultural equipment and in barns, but continuing to wash cars with EM will stop cars from rusting, their engines’ efficiency will improve, as will mileage, and driving stability will be… Read more »

Op herhaling: Application Of EM Technology

Professor Teruo Higa, College of Agriculture, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan  Bron: Clinical and Basic Medical Research on EM-X, A Collection of Research Papers (Volume 2) Supervisor: Teruo Higa Editor: Bin Ke Prepared for the 1st International EM Medical Conference EMMC Steering Committee Okinawa, Japan November, 2001 Keynotes Speech, by Professor Teruo Higa I would like to extend my… Read more »

#117 The 1st EM Produce Growers’ Networking Conference

On March 22nd and 23rd, with the cooperation of International Nature Farming Research Center, EM Laboratory, Co., Ltd., Eco Pure (Web Ecopure), EM Life Co., Ltd., EM JAPAN Inc., and EM Research Organization, Inc., the “1st EM Produce Growers’ Networking Conference” was held at the EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa. First, there was an explanation on the present conditions… Read more »

Meedoen aan de Wereldwijde EM Bokashi ballen actie 8 augustus 2018?

Wereldwijde EM Bokashi ballen actie 8 augustus 2018 Elk jaar op 8 augustus is het Wereld EM Bokashi kleiballen dag. Over de gehele wereld worden dan in tientallen landen vele duizenden EM Bokashi kleiballen in vervuild water gegooid om het water te zuiveren, slib te verminderen en chemische vervuiling te neutraliseren. Bokashi kleiballen dag 2017 Vorig jaar hebben we samen… Read more »

Oil-eating bacteria could clean up the next spill

Oil spills have become an unfortunate part of modern life. As long as we’re dependent on oil for energy and moving it around the globe, there will be spills. While that’s a depressing thought, the good news is that researchers are continually finding better ways to clean up these spills, like magic sponge-like materials that can hold far more than their weight… Read more »