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More genes in the human microbiome than stars in the observable universe

Rich Haridy A team of US scientists is embarking on an immense project to catalog all the genes in the collective human microbiome. In the team’s first published study an astounding 46 million genes have been chronicled from just 3,500 human microbiome samples. Half of those genes are unique to single human samples. “Space is big. Really big. You just… Read more »

Incredible Stanford study discovers thousands of novel proteins produced by human microbiome

Rich Haridy A remarkable new study from scientists at Stanford University has revealed thousands of previously undiscovered small proteins produced by bacteria in the human microbiome. Almost all of these newly described proteins serve unknown functions in the human body and the researchers suggest their discovery opens up a new frontier for future therapeutic drug development. “It’s critically important to… Read more »

Het verband tussen je bijnieren en probiotica

Het slikken van Probiotica houdt in dat je een middel neemt dat goedaardige darmbacteriën bevat. Er bestaan vele soorten goedaardige darmbacteriën, de ene soort wat meer succesvol voor de darm dan de andere. Van dit soort supplementen wordt vaak gedacht dat het is om de darm beter te laten functioneren. Dat klopt natuurlijk, maar de goedaardige darmbacteriën doen nog veel… Read more »

100 million bacteria a day keep the doctor away, apple research suggests

Study finds organic apples have more diverse and balanced bacterial community Gregory Robinson The impact of an apple a day in keeping the doctor away may be partly down to the beneficial bacteria it carries and their subsequent colonisation of your gut, according to scientists. A study has found that a typical apple carries more than 100m bacteria. Some of… Read more »

Why growing up on a farm is good for your immune system

JENN SAVEDGE Farm kidsResearchers may have figured out what it is about life on a farm that protects kids from allergies and boosts their immune systems. Health experts have known for years that kids who grow up on a farm have fewer incidences of allergies and asthma than city kids, but continued research is helping them better understand the connection… Read more »

How a healthy microbiome could supercharge the body’s natural cancer-fighting cells

How a healthy microbiome could supercharge the body’s natural cancer-fighting cells Nick Lavars July 1st, 2019 The ways in which the communities of bacteria living within our bodies influence our overall well-being are becoming better understood all the time, and with that better understanding comes potential new ways to intervene for better health outcomes. Adding to this is a new… Read more »

Restoring missing gut bacteria a potential cure for food allergies

A study by a team of scientists from Boston Children’s Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital suggests food allergies can be triggered in infants by a lack of certain gut bacteria. As well as identifying which bacteria in human subjects are key to protecting against the onset of food allergies, a subsequent mouse study revealed a specific probiotic cocktail can… Read more »