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EM Pilot Test in Honeybee Colonies

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Pilot Test Overview and Objective This pilot test was lauched by Campo Rural and PROFAM Group in Argentina who learnt on the benefits of EM Technology. The proposal was to replace antibiotics such as oxytetracyclines, which can generate dangerous residue (nitrofurans that severely limited the market during 2003-2004, that had oxytetracyclines origin). They consider the fact that applying antibiotics removes… Read more »

Why Earthworms are Important and how to Boost them

Earthworms are one of the most important organisms in soils. Earthworms mix together different layers of soil and incorporate carbon in the form of organic matter into the soil. It’s within this process of mixing that disperses the organic matter throughout the soil and makes the nutrients held in it available to plants. In addition earthworms propagate microorganisms in their gut… Read more »

EM Mudballs Event in Latin America

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The “World EM Mudball Day” was declared as a memorial day, since one million of EM Mudballs were thrown in the Gurney bay by the Malaysian Government of Penang State in August 8, 2009, with the presence of Dr. Teruo Higa. This year, EMRO’s partner in Latin America also joined the “World EM Mudball Day” activities, and the EM Mudballs… Read more »

Sikkim Has Been Crowned World’s First Fully Organic State

With its unique culture and natural sweeping landscape, Sikkim is easily synonymous with perfection and pristine purity. Nestled in the Himalayas, this little state has been on a roll and how! Recently it got its own airport and now it’s been given accolades for being the most organic state not just in India, but the world! This gorgeous northeastern state beat… Read more »

EM Magazine nr 20 in aantocht !

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Het extra dik magazine nr 20 valt volgende week in de brievenbus van de abonnees! En er valt nog meer goed nieuws te bespeuren: dit is het eerste nummer die ook in de Franse taal zal verschijnen. Nog even geduld dus maar hij komt er ook aan in het Frans! Geniet na deze mooie zomer terug van boeiende artikels over… Read more »

VIDEO: Fukushima EM-farmer: no radiation detected

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The organic peaches, pears, grapes and apples Kinju Watanabe grows in Fukushima City have shown no detectable radiation, despite soil contamination in the area of 2,000 Becquerels per kilogram, and other farmers’ fruits testing at 40-80 Bq/kg. Although grown in contaminated sectors, Fukushima organic produce distributor Takehiro Makuta says all the food he distributes has tested “ND,” not detected—below the… Read more »

Long Term No-Till Case Study

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This family run farm is the pioneer of no-tillage farming in the Parana state in Brazil. The Uemura family started with soybean cultivation applying conventional farming methods. However, they realised that the yield was decreasing due to soil erosion while the cost for agricultural inputs were rising, making farming in there area more unfeasible. Because of this they decided to implement… Read more »