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#119 EM Technology to Break Through the Limits of Pesticide-Free Strawberries

In the previous issue, I introduced the case of Takahashi Farm in Yamagata Prefecture as an example of the barrier effect using EM rectification power. From last year to this year, there is a rapid increase in reports of people realizing numerous breakthroughs. Both are the result of using a combination of seawater-cultured activated EM solution and EM graviton rectification… Read more »

How Soil Biology Impacts N on the Farm

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The importance of our soil biology and its activity is not often spoken about when farmers are considering their N inputs for the season. Instead rates and expected dry matter tend to be the main talking points. Overlooking the biological processes is what limits farmers from getting the most out of their N inputs. It also illustrates why we often see… Read more »

#114 Achievements of 2016

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As we celebrate the new year and look back on the achievements of last year, the greatest achievement was that EM was lauded highly as a future technology at the 3rd Universal Village International Conference co-hosted by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Nagoya University, ITSS (Highway Transportation Systems Association), and the Beijing Aerospace Exploration Agency. (For details, please read #112… Read more »

#112 International Conference on Universal Village

International Conference on Universal Village The 3rd International Conference on Universal Village held by the co-organizers below, was held at Nagoya University on October 6-8. The organizing organizations of the conference are ITSS (Intelligent Transportation Systems Society), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, and Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University. In 2013 at the 1st conference, I made a presentation on EM Eco… Read more »

Soybeans Seeds Germination Experiment

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Een facebook bericht van EMRO Japan: Our staff tested differences on germination of soy bean seeds using EM and Water. Some seeds were soaked in water and the other were soaked in Activated EM・1 (dilution of 1:1000) in advance. Then put them into water against Activated EM・1 (dilution of 1:1000) for 7 days. See the differences!!!!!!!!!!!! Bekijk het filmpje hieronder… Read more »

#113 Definitive Measures Against Typhoons

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Definitive Measures Against Typhoons by Rectification of EM The 6th Environment Forum “Utsukushima EM Paradise” introduced in the previous issue has reached conclusions regarding EM radiation contamination countermeasures. For details, refer to the 2016 EM Disaster Recovery Support Project Case Study Collection published by U-net. In the 97th issue of this series, I introduced the EM rectification effect that was… Read more »

EM Bokashi Kleiballen in Zuid-Korea!

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Bo-En heeft tijdens haar vakantie een vervolg gegeven aan de EM Bokashi Kleiballen dag en heeft ook EM Bokashi Kleiballen  bij Kyoung Ju (Zuid-Korea) in het water bij de tempel gegooid! Zie je ze gaan!