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The one magic trick you need to know about Bokashi juice

Over the past 12 years, I have been experimenting with Bokashi in many different ways – from small scale to large scale, residential to commercial. I have set up large scale Bokashi at big restaurants and have learnt many lessons along the way with this from problems that have occurred. During this process, I discovered an incredibly handy, magic trick… Read more »

Bokashi-emmer op Zweedse TV

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Dochterbedrijf Agriton Sverige heeft in één klap de Bokashi-keukenemmer beroemd gemaakt in Zweden. In een televisie-uitzending was er uitgebreid aandacht voor ‘Så fixar du bästa komposten’ (Dan maak je de beste compost). Bekijk hier het filmpje. Kun je meteen je Zweeds wat bijspijkeren… Agriton in Zweden is niet alleen actief voor huis & tuin maar op agrarisch gebied. Zij krijgt bijvoorbeeld… Read more »

#125 EM Disaster Recovery Support Projects in 2017

The certified non-profit corporation, United Networks for Earth Environment (U-net) has been developing various EM disaster recovery support projects since the beginning the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, not only in Eastern Japan, but also where there was flood damage in various places, and after the Kumamoto Earthquake, and so on. Among these, they are addressing radiation pollution control in… Read more »

Better Farming for Better Life, Kolkata, India

EM Bokashi for Free In Nebadhai Duttapukur town located in the suburbs of Kolkata, India farmers are using EM Bokashi and EM fertilizer thanks to the support of the Rotary International. Rotary International is an international NPO group that gather business and professional leaders in order to provide goodwill and services to develop business and comunity life as well as… Read more »

#123 The Truth about EM: Everything About Love and Microorganisms Part 2

It has been about a month since Everything About Love and Microorganisms was published. It is in its third printing now, and we have been very pleased to hear that readers are re-learning the fundamental power of EM and are taking on new challenges. This book begins with the comment that the image of the quantum mechanical world is the… Read more »

#122 The Truth of EM: Everything about Love and Microorganisms

In early September, my book called Everything about Love and Microorganisms, co-written with Michiyo Mori and Akira Shiratori, was published from Hikaru Land Co., Ltd. Last June, in Fukushima City, a meeting was held with lectures by the three of us, and we showed the movie Revival so that people would see the serious situation in Fukushima, that has almost… Read more »

APNAN Meeting 2018 was held in Thailand

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The APNAN (Asia Pacific Natural Agriculture Network) Committee Meeting 2018 was held in Thailand from November 11 to 14. Approximately 70 people from 23 countries gathered at the Saraburi Center to exchange their experiences on EM in agriculture, animal husbandry and environment. This time, they had special lectures by Prof. Higa, and presentations by an associate professor from Croatia, and… Read more »