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Het Nederlandse EM boek van prof. Higa is er weer!

Na vele jaren de boekwinkel verdwenen te zijn is het enige boek van prof. Higa, wat vertaald is in het Nederlands, weer verkrijgbaar! De originele titel is “An Earth Saving Revolution: A means to resolve our world’s problem through Effective Microorganisms” en dateert uit 1996! We zijn erg blij dat het boek na veler verzoek nu opnieuw is uitgebracht. Naast… Read more »

#126 Quantum overlay effective utilization of EM

In the second half of the previous issue I mentioned the quantum overlay effect. Utilization of this technology has infinite possibilities, in a sense, so here I will explain it again. In other words, when looking at the utilization method of EM from the viewpoint of quantum mechanics, quality matters more than the quantity; if the quality is the same,… Read more »

#123 The Truth about EM: Everything About Love and Microorganisms Part 2

It has been about a month since Everything About Love and Microorganisms was published. It is in its third printing now, and we have been very pleased to hear that readers are re-learning the fundamental power of EM and are taking on new challenges. This book begins with the comment that the image of the quantum mechanical world is the… Read more »

#122 The Truth of EM: Everything about Love and Microorganisms

In early September, my book called Everything about Love and Microorganisms, co-written with Michiyo Mori and Akira Shiratori, was published from Hikaru Land Co., Ltd. Last June, in Fukushima City, a meeting was held with lectures by the three of us, and we showed the movie Revival so that people would see the serious situation in Fukushima, that has almost… Read more »

#120 Limitation and important caveats regarding utilization of salt

At the end of the previous issue, I stated “If the entire soil is rectified by using rectifying coal, conventional soil improvement becomes unnecessary and no-till cultivation becomes easy. That is, after harvesting, apply 500 to 1000 kg of salt per 1,000 m2, and after letting all the stalks and weeds wither and die, then apply a 1:50-1:100 solution of… Read more »

#116 Sumizo kun: The Ultimate Versatile Carbonization Equipment

I discussed in detail in the 114th and 115th issues of this series how to convert salt to fertilizer, that is, the application of the atomic transformation of EM, and soon many people involved in using EM took up the challenge. The people who implemented this regard it as miraculous, and the ultimate form of agriculture has begun to become… Read more »

#119 EM Technology to Break Through the Limits of Pesticide-Free Strawberries

In the previous issue, I introduced the case of Takahashi Farm in Yamagata Prefecture as an example of the barrier effect using EM rectification power. From last year to this year, there is a rapid increase in reports of people realizing numerous breakthroughs. Both are the result of using a combination of seawater-cultured activated EM solution and EM graviton rectification… Read more »