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Nieuw: EM drink!
Primeur op de EM-bessenplukdag op 13 juli bij Weldaad bessen in Wilhelminaoord.

Vol verwachting klopt ons hart, en ja het is gelukt: EM probioticum drink, ontwikkeld voor menselijke consumptie: een probiotische drank boordevol EM Microorganismen. Hiermee kunnen we ons maag/darmgestel en daarmee ook de rest van ons lichaam een goede basis geven voor gezondheid šŸ™‚ EM drink! De primeur is op 13 juli tijdens de EM bessenplukdag bij Weldaad bessen in Wilhelminaoord… Read more »

Werkt diatomeeƫnaarde tegen overlast door de Eikenprocessierups?

Wij vroegen ons af of iemand ervaring heeft met het gebruik van diamatomeeĆ«naarde tegen de eikenprocessierups (mail uw ervaring naar DiamatomeeĆ«naarde is een volledig natuurproduct dat gebruikt wordt tegen overlast door kleine diertjes. Als je diatomeeĆ«naarde onder de microscoop bekijkt bestaat het uit allemaal deeltjes van skeletten van de schelpdiertjes die op glassplinters lijken. Nu veranderingen in het weer ook zorgen… Read more »

How a healthy microbiome could supercharge the body’s natural cancer-fighting cells

How a healthy microbiome could supercharge the body’s natural cancer-fighting cells Nick Lavars July 1st, 2019 The ways in which the communities of bacteria living within our bodies influence our overall well-being are becoming better understood all the time, and with that better understanding comes potential new ways to intervene for better health outcomes. Adding to this is a new… Read more »

Restoring missing gut bacteria a potential cure for food allergies

A study by a team of scientists from Boston Children’s Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital suggests food allergies can be triggered in infants by a lack of certain gut bacteria. As well as identifying which bacteria in human subjects are key to protecting against the onset of food allergies, a subsequent mouse study revealed a specific probiotic cocktail can… Read more »

Phone-connected device detects bacterial toxins in water

Potentially fatal to both animals and humans, blue-green algae blooms occur when overly-abundant cyanobacteria in the water produce harmful substances known as cyanotoxins. The sooner those toxins are detected, the better ā€“ which is where a new smartphone-connected device comes into the picture. Ordinarily, when officials are checking for the early signs of algae blooms in lakes or rivers, they… Read more »

Emotional temperament in babies associated with specific gut bacteria species

Rich Haridy June 19th, 2019 A new study from the University of Turku has uncovered interesting associations between an infantā€™s gut microbiome composition at the age of 10 weeks, and the development of certain temperament traits at six months age. The research does not imply causation but instead adds to a compelling growing body of evidence connecting gut bacteria with… Read more »

Your Environment Is Cleaner. Your Immune System Has Never Been So Unprepared.

A century ago, British scientists suggested a link between increased hygiene and allergic conditions ā€” the first hint that our immune systems are becoming improperly ā€œtrained.ā€ Excerpted from ā€œAn Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System,ā€ published on Tuesday by William Morrow. ShouldĀ you pick your nose? Donā€™t laugh. Scientifically, itā€™s an interesting question. Should your children pick… Read more »