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How Microbial inputs can Enhance Crop Development

The importance of plant development in increasing crop yield potential has become more and more evident since the beginning of the green revolution, since then there has been considerable work done to enhance these developmental traits which has led to improved crop performance. There are several developmental features of plants, such as overall plant architecture, leaf features and vasculature make… Read more »

VIDEO: Fukushima EM-farmer: no radiation detected

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The organic peaches, pears, grapes and apples Kinju Watanabe grows in Fukushima City have shown no detectable radiation, despite soil contamination in the area of 2,000 Becquerels per kilogram, and other farmers’ fruits testing at 40-80 Bq/kg. Although grown in contaminated sectors, Fukushima organic produce distributor Takehiro Makuta says all the food he distributes has tested “ND,” not detected—below the… Read more »

Bijen sterven sneller door omstreden onkruidverdelger glyfosaat

De meest gebruikte onkruidverdelger ter wereld beschadigt gezonde bacteriën in de ingewanden van honingbijen en maakt ze vatbaarder voor dodelijke infecties. Dat heeft nieuw onderzoek aangetoond. Eerdere studies hebben aangetoond dat pesticiden zoals neonicotinoïden schadelijk zijn voor bijen, waarvan de bestuiving essentieel is voor ongeveer driekwart van alle voedselgewassen. Glyfosaat, het meest gebruikte onkruidbestrijdingsmiddel ooit en vervaardigd door Monsanto, richt zich op een enzym… Read more »

Long Term No-Till Case Study

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This family run farm is the pioneer of no-tillage farming in the Parana state in Brazil. The Uemura family started with soybean cultivation applying conventional farming methods. However, they realised that the yield was decreasing due to soil erosion while the cost for agricultural inputs were rising, making farming in there area more unfeasible. Because of this they decided to implement… Read more »

A research paper published in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity

A research paper with the results of a joint project between EMRO and Belarus Institute of Radiobiology (IRB) has been published in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. Please click here to access and download: 「Impact of Effective Microorganisms on the Transfer of Radioactive Cesium into Lettuce and Barley Biomass」 *Available until September 30,2018. Bron: Direct link van het onderzoek op onze website: Impact… Read more »

Fertilizer destroys plant microbiome’s ability to protect against disease

A growth chamber packed with tomato plants sprayed with bacteria to simulate different leaf microbiomes and then challenged with a plant pathogen to measure how well the microbiomes protect the plant from disease. (Britt Koskella photo) A new study of the role microbial communities play on the leaves of plants suggests that fertilizing crops may make them more susceptible to… Read more »

Een nieuwe download pagina op EMRO’s website!

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EMRO Japan heeft de nieuwe webpagina DOWNLOAD gemaakt met mooie EM brochures en documenten over EM gebruik in: het milieu, het huishouden, bokashi, bokashi kleiballen, EM voor natuurlijke rampen management, etc. Aan de rechterkant van deze pagina vindt je de instructie hoe de doucmenten te downloaden. BRON: