Better Farming for Better Life, Kolkata, India

EM Bokashi for Free

EM treated field (right) and conventional farming field (left)

In Nebadhai Duttapukur town located in the suburbs of Kolkata, India farmers are using EM Bokashi and EM fertilizer thanks to the support of the Rotary International.
Rotary International is an international NPO group that gather business and professional leaders in order to provide goodwill and services to develop business and comunity life as well as spread peace throughout the world.

Happy Farmers

EM treated farm (left) and conventional farm (right)

Farmers in this area are dedicated to cultivate chilli pepper, japanese radish, eggplant and beet.
They are impressed with their beautiful harvest and outstanding differences between the results using EM Bokashi and EM compost compared with conventional farming.

Quality of harvest and yield improved, helping farmers to grow their incomes while changed for better their safe labor environment.

Happy farmers with great harvest

Greener and bigger beets

Farmers working safely

Conventional treated eggplant

EM treated eggplant


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