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#124 Full-scale creation of salt into fertilizer through the atomic conversion power of EM

With the cooperation of many stakeholders, the multipurpose method of salt utilizing the atomic conversion power of EM that began three years ago has been steadily achieving results. Initially it seemed too incredible a story to be true, so most people have been hesitant about using more than one-third to one-fifth of the amount of salt I discussed. As a… Read more »

A week of holiday junk food could derail your gut microbiome

We’re right between Christmas and New Years—that time of the year when we often allow ourselves to indulge in deliciously sweet and savory treats. For one week out of the whole year, that’s absolutely fine. Moderation is key to maintaining a healthy diet all year round. But it’s important not to completely neglect your fruits and vegetables, and not just… Read more »

#123 The Truth about EM: Everything About Love and Microorganisms Part 2

It has been about a month since Everything About Love and Microorganisms was published. It is in its third printing now, and we have been very pleased to hear that readers are re-learning the fundamental power of EM and are taking on new challenges. This book begins with the comment that the image of the quantum mechanical world is the… Read more »

Science community defends effectiveness of probiotics

A few weeks ago, one piece of news hit the headlines and caused quite a commotion. Stating that probiotics were little more than ‘useless’ and could even have negative effects on health, this information was based on a couple of pieces of research published in the scientific journal Cell. The research suggested that the effect of probiotics was less significant than… Read more »

Gemeente Raalte start met pilot Bokashi

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Raalte – De gemeente Raalte is onlangs gestart met de pilot Bokashi. In samenwerking met initiatiefnemers ‘Bij de Oorsprong’ en agrariërs Wienen en Neimeijer wordt een deel van het blad uit bladbakken verwerkt tot duurzaam Bokashi-materiaal. Bokashi is het Japanse woord voor ‘goed gefermenteerd organisch materiaal’. Het betreft het omzetten van groen- of bladafval in organisch materiaal, waardoor het ingezet… Read more »

Gut Bacteria Could Combat Obesity and Depression

A five-year microbiome project, funded by the EU, has linked the presence of specific strains of gut bacteria to protection from obesity, glucose intolerance, and even depression. The project, called MyNewGut, found evidence that specific strains of bacteria can contribute to obesity in people on high-fat or high-sugar diets. Research led by Yolanda Sanz, Professor at the Institute of Agrochemistry and… Read more »



De nieuwe Bokashi-keukenemmer Design is met haar prachtige ontwerp een aanwinst in iedere keuken. Het fermenteren van je eigen etensresten wordt nog leuker! Met de speciale aanstamper druk je niet alleen de resten aan; het drukt ook de lucht uit de emmer en blijft de etensresten luchtdicht afsluiten. Het vullen van de emmer en het verwerken van je etensresten blijft natuurlijk… Read more »