A research paper published in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity

A research paper with the results of a joint project between EMRO and Belarus Institute of Radiobiology (IRB) has been published in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity.

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「Impact of Effective Microorganisms on the Transfer of Radioactive Cesium into Lettuce and Barley Biomass」

*Available until September 30,2018.

Bron: https://www.emrojapan.com/news/detail/177

Direct link van het onderzoek op onze website: Impact of effective microorganisms on the transfer of radioactive cesiuminto lettuce and barley biomass

Een uittreksel uit het onderzoek (137CS = het radioactieve Cesium):

4. Conclusion

  1. The application of EM, which consists of lactic-acid bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, and yeast, along with the application of EM combined with bokashi or potassium fertilizer to the soil surface and above-ground parts of plants increased the crop yields of barley and lettuce.
  2. Enriching sod-podzolic sandy-loam soil by EM and bokashi sig-nificantly decreased the biological availability of 137Cs by 38% and reduced the transfer of Cs into the biomass of barley by 44%. The greatest reductions in 137Cs transfer into barley biomass were obtained when EM was combined with bokashi or potassium fertilizer, which reduced137Cs transfer by 50% or 60%, respectively.
  3. The suppressive effect of EM on 137Cs transfer varied depending on the plant species; the effect of EM on 137Cs transfer was greater in barley than in lettuce.
  4. The decrease in 137Cs uptake into plants caused by EM can be at-tributed to the reduction in the fraction of bioavailable forms of 137Cs (soluble and exchangeable forms). After four months of treatment with EM and bokashi, the soluble form of137Cs in the soil decreased by 48% and 72% compared to the control, respectively.The fraction of exchangeable 137Cs was significantly reduced by21% compared to the control in the soil treated with bokashi only.

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