7000 EM Mudballs for saving the lake

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EM mudballs event was held in Vladivostok, Russia on August 10th, 2018. 7000 EM mudballs were thrown in the lake to improve the quality of water and sludge problems.

In Vladivostok, Mayor Vitaly Verkeyenko called for solving the water pollution problem in the lake. Ms. Severina representative of “Primorsky EM Center LLC”, EMRO’s partner, decided to solve this problem and launched this event in cooperation with all the staff and many volunteers.

Ms.Severina said “The water treatment using EM is one of the most effective and eco-friendly method. EM cleans up the water from all kinds of pollutants”. Her explanation about the effect of EM was posted on the official website of Vladivostok.

The mayor Mr. Verkeyenko said “We have been pursuing a mechanism to solve environmental problems, and finally found this effective method. Environmental problems in Vladivostok will move toward a solution”.

The original article published on Vladivostok’s official website Here
*Available in Russian only.

*The picture above is from Vladivostok’s official website.

For further information, please contact OOO “Primorskiy EM-Center” 

Bron: https://www.emrojapan.com/news/detail/176

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