400 students help enhance cleanliness of river via CSR initiative


BUTTERWORTH: More than 400 SJK(C) Chung Hwa 3 Perai pupils are making 5,000 effective microorganisms (EM) mud balls to be thrown into Sungai Perai to enhance the cleanliness of the river.

Principal Tan Gaik Lay said the students were roped into the corporate social responsibility (CSR) project by South Island Garment Sdn Bhd to increase their environmental awareness.

She also urged students to make a habit of reducing waste, reusing items and recycling materials for a sustainable lifestyle.

“Making mud balls is just one part of being green, students should also save on water and electricity usage too,” she said in her speech during the launching ceremony today.

The company’s publicity chief Tan Swee Beng meanwhile said the microorganisms could help clean the river water thereby reducing the odour.

“This is an annual event which we hope can raise awareness of the importance to maintain our environment,” he said.

The making of the mud balls are expected to be completed latest by tomorrow and be thrown into the river soon after.


BRON: http://www.thesundaily.my/news/1839992

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