#117 The 1st EM Produce Growers’ Networking Conference

On March 22nd and 23rd, with the cooperation of International Nature Farming Research Center, EM Laboratory, Co., Ltd., Eco Pure (Web Ecopure), EM Life Co., Ltd., EM JAPAN Inc., and EM Research Organization, Inc., the “1st EM Produce Growers’ Networking Conference” was held at the EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa.
First, there was an explanation on the present conditions of each participant, presentations on representative cases from Hokkaido and Okinawa, and reports on the latest information etc., from affiliated organizations.

With the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, it is necessary to promote EM technology fully on this occasion, focusing not only on food safety and functionality, but in order to enrich the ecosystem and actively protect biodiversity. This networking conference was planned with this in mind, and included more than 40 observers in addition to the 56 participants.

In the 35 years since the introduction of EM, it was first used as a material for promoting organic agriculture, and then the combined effects of these technologies were utilized in various other fields. Most recently it was put to practical use in eliminating radioactivity in Fukushima, which clearly proved the atomic conversion power of EM.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, many volunteers responded to the devastating accident at the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and the unbelievably powerful tsunami, and we achieved great results in measures taken to deal with sanitation and salt damage in the affected area. At the same time, the various effects on radioactivity obtained by using EM in collaborative research with the National Radiobiological Institute of Belarus after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, were also reconfirmed in Fukushima.

Needless to say, the promise of EM technology to society is to produce safe, pleasing, high quality goods at low cost, a positive, sustainable cycle of advanced information, and co-existence and co-prosperity, a society, in short, with a high degree of happiness. To realize this we must solve the problems of food, the environment, medical health, and energy resources, which are the century-long issues facing mankind, in line with that commitment.

As an extension of conventional technology, these difficult problems, which were thought insoluble, will be possible in light of the results of EM technology. In order to make this a reality, solutions of different dimensions have appeared through more effectively applying the results obtained from Fukushima’s measures against radiation contamination.

In other words, this is the application of the atomic conversion force of EM. EM always carries the inevitability of history. EM was born because of the strong desire to solve the devastating poverty that occurred after Okinawa was burned to the ground in World War II. Moreover, multiple anaerobic fermentation synthesis type microorganisms activate existing microorganisms in the soil, forming a biome of fermentation synthesis type microorganisms, realizing high yield, high quality crops and enabling the use of Nature Farming and organic farming.

The Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition came to a consensus decision to deny these results. Being denied at the level of academic societies is equivalent to the end of one’s academic career. However, with the international spread of EM, the view of the Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition was completely denied by the detailed experimental results of the International Horticultural Society. (Please see DND #101, December 2015.) As the research on microbiomes has progressed, EM’s view has been shown to be wholly correct, but apart from that, EM once again became viewed as representing pseudoscience after 1997, after we announced that it is effective in countermeasures against radioactive contamination.

Fourteen years after that, the unfortunate accident of the nuclear power plant occurred in Fukushima, and radiation contamination spread over a large area. The EM Research Organization, Inc. conducted a radioactivity reduction test by spraying EM at a blueberry farm in lidate village two months later and confirmed that the contamination of 25,000 Bq was reduced by 80% in two months. Based on these results, with the support of many volunteers, we have promoted numerous radioactive contamination countermeasure projects.

The results have also been frequently disseminated in this journal and DND, and as a result of the examination by a third-party research institution, we have verified that radioactive cesium definitely disappears.

In order to further strengthen this incredible function of EM, it was revealed through more aggressive utilization of salt and charcoal that EM not only has an atomic conversion function for radioactivity, but also that by using EM with salt and charcoal it exhibits various atomic conversion functions.

There are many reports regarding atomic conversion by microorganisms, including that of Corentin Louis Kervran in France. Therefore, some say that such effects of EM are not a particularly noteworthy new discovery, which is certainly the case. However, EM has unprecedented applicability since though culturing it, we can utilize its principles everywhere in the world, something no one could realize in the past.

It is no exaggeration to say if there were no accident at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, it is inevitable that I would be viewed for generations to come as a dishonorable pseudo scientist, and that the accident has proven how amazing EM really is. The EM Produce Growers’ Networking Conference this time was held in order to make stakeholders better understand the essence of EM, and realize that indeed “agriculture is the foundation of the country”.

Establishment of farming methods that anyone can do easily, anywhere

As the world gets more confused and anxious, we finally realize that the idea of self-sufficient agriculture should be the starting point as a way of living. Although this is true, the severity of nature far exceeds that of laymen’s thinking, and as a result pesticides and chemical fertilizers were inevitably developed and became the power to sustain the increasing world population. However, we are suffering from a self-defeating paradox.

EM has already provided the answer to that problem, but the application up until now has basically involved the circulation of proliferative natural resources. The 2011 East Japan Great Earthquake started a new challenge for EM and the aspect of “application of atomic transformation by EM,” regarded until now as a forbidden area, has opened up.

If you continue to use EM in soil that is deficient in phosphoric acid and trace elements, after a few harvests, crops will grow normally even in salt-damaged soil, and there are numerous examples where dioxin and other difficult-to-decompose chemicals have disappeared, and various heavy metals have been rendered harmless or have markedly decreased. However, there was lack of circumstantial evidence to claim “atomic transformation by EM”.

As measures against radiation contamination in Fukushima have progressed, circumstantial evidence has reached convincing levels, and we have been preparing to bring this technology to the world for several years. In other words, we decided not to directly prove “atomic conversion by EM”, but to foreground the reality that “atomic conversion by EM is happening”.

In other words, it is a way to raise the “atomic conversion power of EM” by utilizing salt and charcoal, which are already widely used. As a result of numerous cases, the trend is not to compromise by using conventional agricultural methods, but to use it to fundamentally change the style of agriculture.Basically, charcoal has the function of collecting electrons, and salt has the strong power to carry electrons (ions). Because of the effect of both of these, the degree of concentration of electrons becomes remarkably high, so microorganisms with atomic conversion ability centered on EM can easily obtain the energy necessary for nuclear fusion reaction. If you continue to employ this and keep using fields without letting them lie fallow, you do not need special skills, and even beginners will be able to achieve limit-breaking agriculture in a very short time.

Salt becomes a herbicide, a soil conditioner, and fertilizer as well as a pest control agent

Spraying salt herbicide

In general, cheap salt that is commercially available in the domestic market costs about 1,300 yen per 25Kg, but for salt used to melt snow (click here for any inquiries) can be obtained for 20,000-30,000 yen a ton. In general, it will be natural salt or seawater salt with a lot of minerals, but it doesn’t matter what kind of salt you use if using it in a field.

For fields that are overgrown like a jungle, make a solution with a high salt concentration of 25 to 30% and spray it so that it gently adheres to the whole plant using a backpack sprayer, etc. If you spray again after 4 to 7 days most weeds will die, but if they still do not wither, repeat thorough spraying a couple of times so as not to leave any weeds. If it is done on a small scale, sprinkle water on the plant, and spray it so that salt adheres on it, and repeat until the weeds completely die.

As a result, it is possible to completely control pests and harmful small animals in the environment. Leave the dead leaves as they are, then immediately apply 200 to 300 liters of seawater cultured activated EM solution per 10 a. There is no need to cultivate the soil, and be sure to leave paths through the fields to make it easier to work.

Spread 100 to 200 kg of salt per 10ares in the part to plant. With soil with little ground force you can apply 300 to 400 kg of salt per 10ares. Further, apply 200 to 300 liters of activated EM solution over the soil. If there is over 10mm of rain, or if irrigation is done, the soil will become soft and porous, and planting will be possible in around 10 days. The more moisture, the more the soil improvement and fertilizer effects are promoted.

Plants will grow very well planted by digging lightly with a hoe in spots, that is, the old primitive slash-and-burn method of agriculture. If there is an obvious shortage of fertilizer, put salt (see photo) at a distance of 10 cm or more away from the plant foot. 50 to 100 kg per 10ares is a guide general guide.

For pest control, a 1:20-30 seawater cultured activated EM solution is sprayed once or twice a week, but if it is still difficult to control them, spray a 1:10 solution. After harvesting, plant the next seedlings immediately in the open places, or sow the seeds and make it continuous cultivation. Harvest residue and organic matter generated inside and outside fields are used on the surface of the soil as mulch. When irrigating, apply a 1:50-100 seawater cultured activated EM solution.

If you use too much salt (withering or yellowing), apply 5 to 10 liters per 1㎡ of a 1:500 seawater cultured activated solution. When allowing the field to lie fallow after the harvest, return as much organic matter as possible to the soil, spread 100 to 200 kg of salt per 10ares and spray 200 to 300 liters of activated EM solution and prepare for the next planting. With this method, it is easy to completely control pests and weeds.

*It is preferable that the seawater cultured activated EM solution for weeding is a stock solution. If it is used over a wide area, and it is difficult to use stock solution, it should be applied at a 50-fold dilution.

*The last activated solution to be used may be a seawater cultured activated EM solution. Traditional activated EM solution, ordinarily cultured in water, may also be used. (Additional notes found on 6/23/2017)

Additional spot fertilizing using salt

One week after the additional spot fertilizing using salt

Komatsuna raised with only 70kg of salt per 10ares

For kitchen waste, human excrement, excreta of livestock, etc. add about 3% salt, and add activated EM solution to come to 1%.

Organic matter plays an important role in the growth of microorganisms. In the conventional way, it is necessary to make compost and let it mature, which requires much labor and time, and produces various hygiene issues such as odor, parasites, flies, cockroaches and so on. By treating with EM and salt as indicated, odor, pests and harmful microorganisms can be completely suppressed in a day, or in a few hours, if the conditions are right.

After the odor disappears the organic matter can be applied over the surface of the field 5 to 7 days before planting. If it is liquid, use 10 tons per 10ares, 3 to 4 tons if it is solid, it will produce amazing crops no matter how poor the soil is.

In this case, 30 kg of salt is contained in 1 ton, so you do not need to add salt again. In addition to sludge, when treating all putrefactive organic matter in this way,
it quickly becomes highly functional organic fertilizer.

EM mudballs made with charcoal and salt rectify energy in the soil.

When you use charcoal, any kind of charcoal can be used, including rice husk charcoal. If you want to enhance the rectification effect and further enhance the possibility of soil energy, I recommend that you use the high performance charcoal setting with the Smokeless Carbonizer and EM gravitron rectification sticker that I introduced in #115 of this series. Setting a EM gravitron rectification sticker to the Smokeless Carbonizer you can make charcoal as well as completely burn all kinds of organic matter, making it possible to produce highly functional rectified ash with high mineral content, so things that cannot be applied directly onto the fields can be utilized as charcoal or ash.

Making EM mudballs for rectification in the soil, mix charcoal, soil and salt equally and add the stock solution of seawater cultured activated EM solution. They will be effective even if you use them immediately, so there is no need to insist on drying them, but they will be easier to handle after they dry.

You can first bury those EM mudballs in the four corners of the field and both ends of the ridge at a depth of 20 to 30 cm. If possible, it is more effective if you bury one EM mudball in each 3 to 5 square meter square space. In the case of a large area, dig a hole of 30 to 50 cm deep with a hole digger and insert 1 kg or more of the mixed material without making EM mudballs into one hole and embed it.

As I introduced in #116 of this series, when utilizing this technology mainly for local governments for regional revitalization, we can solve garbage problems at the same time by utilizing the Versatile Carbonization Equipment.

Papaya field in which 400kg of salt per 10ares was applied. (Papaya are the weakest type of fruit trees.)

Expansion of leaves in a papaya field

Scallions to which 200kg of salt per 10ares was applied

I briefly introduced the technique of combining salt and charcoal with EM, but the most important thing with this method is the appearance of a cumulative overlap effect with quantum entanglement, which is characteristic of quantum mechanical function. Although I explained quite roughly and boldly that one should just use EM until it works, or use EM thinking of it like it’s God, as a result of numerous countermeasures against radioactive contamination in Fukushima, I speculate that EM has created a quantum state and is conducting atomic transformation.

In other words, everything is entangled and influences each other by qubits. If they are positive, it will be healthy and revitalized. If they are negative, it means to accelerate the reverse.

In quantum mechanisms, the premise is that all origins are in particles and waves, and both have a layered structure that cannot be measured at the same time. There are various discontinuous quantum units that can change to anything.

If you continue to use EM, there is a recognizable phenomenon in which such a quantum state appears as a cumulative effect. That is, EM creates an environment in which it superimposes the effect like a transformer and one can only say that it is guiding the rectifying power of the electrons to the level of coherence (quantum beat). Until now, agriculture has been a system where everything is at zero or negative when the harvest is over. Therefore, we plow the soil again, improve the soil and repeatedly apply fertilizer. In a sense, such a method can be said to destroy the overlapping effects of EM.

If you do No-till farming, adequately manage water, and use salt and charcoal to increase the quantum level of the soil, it is no exaggeration to say
that the soil will become fertile by itself even if you do not give it any fertilizing elements. Such agriculture is not only safe, pleasant, low cost, and high yield, but also makes producers healthier through working, consumers’ health is protected, soil, air and water are purified, increasing the number of good bacteria in the environment, purifying rivers and lakes and ocean, enriching ecosystems, and directly protecting biodiversity. As a result, we considerably enrich natural resources, and at the same time solve most of the problems facing the nation.

In this way, all organic waste in the city, such as plastics, tires, rubber, and clothes, can all be carbonized at ultra low cost, and it is easy to turn them into a highly functional soil improvement material. Also, because it can be utilized on any large-scale farm, most of food and environmental problems will be resolved at the same time. Besides, it is also possible to reduce the huge amount of energy utilized in agriculture (the energy to produce fertilizer and pesticides, and the energy used by agricultural machines) to less than 1/10 of the current level, resulting in a true agricultural revolution.

Bananas to which 200kg of salt per 10ares was applied

Flower bed in which 100kg of salt per 10ares was applied. (It has been growing healthily even after 5 months.)

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