#112 International Conference on Universal Village


International Conference on Universal Village

The 3rd International Conference on Universal Village held by the co-organizers below, was held at Nagoya University on October 6-8. The organizing organizations of the conference are ITSS (Intelligent Transportation Systems Society), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, and Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University. In 2013 at the 1st conference, I made a presentation on EM Eco City (See the Web Ecopure, Living A Dream, 71th and 86th), completed in Johor, Malaysia. EM Eco City has 1,230 units, a useful life of 800 years or more, a power saving effect of 30 to 40% or more, realizing a high-quality natural farming method that makes raw garbage a highly functional organic fertilizer and does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides at all. It is a smart city, an ecological city and a universal village that treats all sewage with EM, purifies the river, cleanses the sea, enriches the ecosystem, and actively contributes to the protection of biodiversity.

It felt like fate had brought us together, and using the opportunity of this presentation, I started exchanging information with Dr. Masaki, the director of the ITS Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he showed deep understanding about EM.

A Brief Profile of Dr. Ichiro Masaki, Universal Village Advocate.

After graduating from Waseda University, he was engaged in research on image sensors for FA robots at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.. In 1981-1993, at the research institute of General Motors in Detroit, while advancing research on intelligent cruise control that combines automobile and television, he established an international conference on intelligent vehicles at IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). He was invited to Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1994. Currently, he is the Director of the Intelligent Transportation Research Center at MIT. He served as Vice Chairman of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Council. He has served in an advisor and consultant to government agencies and private corporations not only in the US but also in Japan.

Dr. Masaki views the utilization of microorganisms as indispensable to fundamentally solving the collapse of the global ecosystem, which is the fundamental issue this conference is concerned with, and has asked for my cooperation in this effort.

As I talked about EM information and future development, he fully understood the essence of EM (antioxidant, nonionic, conversion of harmful energy into useful energy).  As a result, I have helped co-author Dr. Masaki’s book The Law of the Global Ecosystem and my part has been completed and will be published next year. I am not sure if the Japanese version will be published or not, but this book is intended to be read by world leaders working on environmental issues.

With this background, at this conference, ten sessions including EM related issues and radiation contamination countermeasures were made in the session on microbial technology and environmental conservation. The opening remarks by Dr. Masaki at the beginning of this International Conference are especially worth noting. I will only touch on the main points here, but please see information on DND (University venture Start-up support site) for additional details. (Note: The ellipses (….) indicate parts omitted from the original remarks.)

–Introduction Summary–

It is important to discuss the concept of Universal Village…..
When it comes to a method to solve all the problems facing us, however, one that will convince all people, a solution, in other words, in keeping with the laws of the ecosystem, even ecologists lament that they have no clue as to whether the Earth can be successfully managed or not. To solve this situation, in 2013, I have found the International Conference on Universal Village, which aims to bring researchers in various fields together as one to discuss these issues. At the same time, I started working on research of the laws that govern the entire global ecosystem. As a result, in light of the fact that the ecosystem is largely dependent on the role of microorganisms, in order to protect the ecosystem I came to the conclusion that we urgently need to solve problems in the following three fields: 

Key Research Goals for Universal Village

1. Protect diversity of microorganisms in the soil by developing materials to replace pesticides and chemical fertilizers 
2. Protect diversity of microorganisms in the ocean by developing new materials to replace oil and petroleum products 
3. Protect diversity of microorganisms underground and in seabed where radioactive waste have been dumped by nuclear power plants by developing new energy sources to replace nuclear power plants   

Indeed, we human beings, living on the Earth, which is part of an orderly and beautiful universe, have the duty to protect the ecosystem so that the diversity of microorganisms is protected. However, so far the human race has seen the oceans as the world’s sewer, has destroyed rainforests, has carried out underwater nuclear tests in coral reefs, and has used the beautiful Alps as illegal dumping grounds for radioactive waste. That’s why we researchers, recognizing that the Earth is beautiful and is part of an orderly universe, and determined to make an effort to regain a sustainable global ecosystem again, named this Conference Universal Village.

Knowing there are plans to continue to increase nuclear power generation in China and Africa, and also the United States, even Japan and many other countries are not intending to stop nuclear power generation, what should our stance as researchers be? Above all we should keep people safe, and research and develop, as quickly as possible, technology that will detoxify all harmful radionuclides that currently exists in nuclear weapons, nuclear power generation, and spent nuclear fuel, as well as develop medicine to maintain the health of victims of radiation illness. 

Naturally doubts will arise as to whether human science in the 21st century has reached a level where it can provide answers to these challenging questions…… 

In fact, with some exceptions, most researchers believe that such technology does not exist. One person in the world, however, does possess the knowledge to answer these questions, a person who is active in over 140 countries around the world. 


  • Dr. Teruo Higa – professor emeritus of University of Ryukyus
  • EM: combination of microorganisms centered mainly on lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and phototrophic bacteria
  • EM used in over 150 countries to solve issues of air, soil and water pollution

I first learned about him at the 1st International Conference on Universal Village in 2013. I am referring to Dr. Teruo Higa, professor emeritus of the University of the Ryukyus. 

Dr. Higa’s work involves a combination of microorganisms called Effective Microorganisms (EM). In Egypt spraying EM in orchards that were damaged by salt made them fruitful the following year. In rivers that were dirty and foul smelling because of sludge deposits, use of EM over a few years transformed them into clean rivers where flathead mullet, Japanese sea bass and redfin dace abound, and where Ayu fish and salmon have appeared. 

In agriculture, the basic way of utilizing EM is to mix weeds or other organic matter with EM, let it ferment, and use it as an organic fertilizer. Not only will harvested crops taste excellent and be highly nutritious, but crop yields will increase 1.5-2 times…… 

In order to, at all costs, avoid this frightening forecast for Japan, and also to rid people around the world of the deeply rooted fear that humanity and the global environment will be destroyed through nuclear war, accident, or a massive explosion of nuclear material due to terrorism, I finally succeeded in developing a new theory that scientifically proves Dr. Higa’s idea about “element conversion by microorganisms,” the sole method of addressing these problems. I will discuss these matters further in my book that will be published in the near future. If element conversion of radioactive substances by microorganisms is possible, then in theory radioactive substances can be transformed into non-radioactive substances. Furthermore, I am preparing to publish on the “global ecological laws” I began in 2013 with the goal of fundamentally solving the destruction of the global ecosystem. Dr. Higa and many other friends have helped in this effort and through their help the big picture has come into focus. Therefore, what we need to do now is fully ascertain the essence of the “scientific progress” that we human beings have unquestioningly accepted up till now, and evaluate this in light of the global ecological laws. By doing so, we should be able to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past….. 

In addition to the three areas we have aimed at up till now, from 2016 onwards Universal Village’s goals will be as follows. 

To rescue humanity and the global environment from this dire situation, we must protect the microorganisms that are “lead actors” in the environment. In order to accomplish this we should: 
1. Develop material that can replace agrochemicals and chemical fertilizers. (Dr. Higa’s EM is extremely effective, but of course it is necessary, through further research, to create even better products.) 
2. In order to protect diversity of microorganisms, we need to create ecologically-friendly new materials to replace plastics and other petroleum products. 
3. In order to protect diversity of microorganisms, we must create forms of green energy as alternatives to oil and other fossil fuels and nuclear power. 
4. We must raise as an urgent challenge the study of specific technology for the detoxification of radioactive nuclear material by using element conversion through microorganisms. 

When many researchers are determined that they must help rescue humanity and the global environment, and add one of these to their research agenda, then we can hope to contribute to finding solutions to all the problems facing the Earth’s ecology, namely nuclear issues, and pollution of the soil, air, and oceans. 

It is when we scientists come together like this to address these that we will overcome this crisis facing humanity and the Earth.

Dr. Masaki has thoroughly examined EM and gave the four items as the above-mentioned Universal Village issues and goals from 2016 onwards, and basically it can be said that all of these can be solved using EM Technology.

In Japan, there are scholars and mass media officials who deny EM entirely and treat me as representative of a pseudo scientist, but these people themselves are absolutely pseudo scientists who have never met me and have never verified the effects of EM, and are part of the attempt by a malicious mass media and others trying to destroy EM.

Environmental Forum on Radiation Measures

On November 26, the following environmental forum will be held at the prefecture education hall in Fukushima City. Steady results have been seen and we expect many people to participate.

This Environmental Forum is held in order to help recover a beautiful Fukushima, “Utsukushima EM Paradise,” through the application of EM in Fukushima Prefecture to solve radioactive contamination in the wake of the damage caused by the March 11, 2011 disaster that occurred when the Eastern Japan Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was damaged during the Eastern Japan Earthquake. This year will be the sixth Forum.

In the 1st Forum, the achievements up to 2012 were presented and these contents have been reconfirmed in the 2013 and 2015 Forums.

  1. In farmland where organics were administered, creating conditions where EM could fully function, and where cultivation management was done to increase the population of EM, absorption of radioactive cesium by the crops was completely suppressed. At the same time, yield and quality of the crops also improved.
  2. In dairy farming using EM, not only were all the sanitation issues related to barns resolved, but even if the cows were given contaminated grass from the area, the level of radioactive cesium in the milk was below 5 Becquerel (the standard in Japan calls for a level below 50 Bq), and the radioactivity levels of meadows sprayed with their manure (slurry) became lower, and it was observed that the absorption of radioactive cesium by pasture grass was suppressed.
  3. If you continue to spray activated EM, in all cases the radioactive contamination level will become lower, and if it is sprayed when the soil is moist after rain etc., it is even more effective.
  4. When you use EM or EM・XGOLD it is possible to completely prevent damage caused by exposure to ionizing radiation, and it is also possible to deal with internal exposure.
  5. EM has a significant effect on the suppression of radioactive strontium absorption in crops, which is expected to be a problem in the future.
  6. There is also a reduction in the amount of radiation a few meters or tens of meters from areas that have been sprayed with EM.
  7. In followup experiments by the Belarus National Radiobiology Research Institute and EM Research Organization it became clear that radiation cesium significantly decreases even in containers.
  8. In order to publicize tothe world the tremendous effects of EM, the movie “SOSEI-Rejuvenation” was completed, and has been in theatrical release since last year and the information that radiation countermeasures are possible is steadily spreading to many people.
  9. By adding seawater or a salt similar to seawater to activate EM, it is clear that the addition of charcoal to EM mudballs markedly reduces radioactivity, farming without agricultural chemicals becomes easy, and soil also becomes remarkably fertile.
  10. With multifaceted applications of EM Technology, it is becoming possible to produce high-quality agricultural crops that are safe and excellent for health, and fundamental countermeasures against harmful rumors regarding radioactivity levels in crops are becoming possible.

Based on this reality, in order to broaden the acceptance of the utilization of EM to eliminate radioactivity so far, from this fiscal year we are shifting our emphasis to the utilization of EM, focusing on producers, and to sales of the products by these producers, steadily advancing the path of independence through the utilization of EM Technology.

Inner Lake of Isahaya Reclaimed in Nagasaki Prefecture Has Become an EM Lake

EM leaders in Unzen City

I happened to pass through the area of reclaimed land along Isahaya Bay when I went to attend the “Virtuous Cycle of Nagasaki Meeting in Unzen.” Thanks to that, it provided an opportunity to check the quantum entanglement (*2) in the inner lake and on the sea side. To my surprise, the resuscitation waves of the inner lake were far beyond the level that constitutes so-called holy water. [*2 The phenomenon has been proven in quantum mechanics that if one is conscious of it everything that exists is mutually reactive. In order to check the strength of the quantum, various methods such as O-ring test, chi measuring, and dowsing devices used for fortune telling are used, and all the findings conscious of entanglement are consistent. (Reference material:  Life on the Edge: The Coming Age of Quantum Biology by Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe McFadden, translated into Japanese by Atsushi Mizutani, first published in Japan September 2015 by SB Creative Co., Ltd.)]

This water is also used for agriculture in the reclaimed land. If you further increase the EM level of this water and continue to use it for agriculture, in the near future it will be possible to produce high-quality agricultural production with high yields without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides at all.

This surprising result is due to the long-term project by a coalition of women’s associations of Isahaya City to promote a water purification campaign using EM. The poor water quality of lakes in reclaimed land in various parts of the country is a serious problem. By thoroughly implementing the Isahaya system, it is possible to simultaneously realize both advanced promotion of agriculture and promotion of inland fisheries.

As is well known, Unzen City used the merger of seven towns as an opportunity to begin a garbage recycling and environmental program (budgeted at 9 million yen) that systematically utilizes EM. As a result, it has been lauded as a nationwide model city of regional revitalization through cooperation between local government and residents, and there has been steady progress toward making EM a central part of people’s lifestyles and society.

Using waste oil in soap making with EM

Activity base of Unzen City Eco Activities Association

Unzen Municipal Hijikuro Elementary School has been “EM-ized”

A weakened Zelkova Serrata tree at Unzen Municipal Hijikuro Elementary School garden has been revived by EM

BRON: https://emrojapan.com/living/107

#111 90% of Your Body is Microbes


90% of Your Body is Microbes

A book titled, 10% Human by Alanna Collin, was translated into Japanese under the title 90% of your Body is Microbes and published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha at the end of August this year. In the book, the author writes:

You are just 10 per cent human. For every one of the cells that make up the vessel that you call your body, there are nine impostor cells hitching a ride. You are not just flesh and blood, muscle and bone, brain and skin, but also bacteria and fungi. You are more “them” than you are “you.” Your gut alone hosts 100 trillion of them, like a coral reef growing on the rugged seabed that is your intestine. Around 4,000 different species carve out their own little niches, nestled among folds that give your 1.5-metres-long colon the surface area of a double bed. Over your lifetime, you will play host to bugs the equivalent weight of five African elephants. Your skin is crawling with them. There are more on your fingertip than there are people in Britain…. Together, the microbes living on the human body contain 4.4 million genes – this is the microbiome: the collective genomes of the microbiota. These genes collaborate in running our bodies along-side our 21,000 human genes. By that count, you are just half a percent human.

Admittedly a long quote, but the point is that the human body is supported by an extraordinary ecosystem of microorganisms.

From the latter half of the 20th century to the present, autism, various allergies and intractable diseases have been occurring more frequently. Alanna Collin concludes that the healthy microbial ecosystem has been compromised because of daily use of
convenient chemical substances, including disinfection, antibiotics, etc.

This book gathers a lot of convincing evidence, and it summarizes this without leaving any room for objection. If one re-reads and understands the quoted part at the beginning, EM stakeholders will not say “No way” but rather find it eye opening, nodding their heads in agreement.

They say that the increase in incurable diseases is due to the damage done to microorganisms that exist like God, supporting all existence on Earth, but solutions to these are as follows:

1. Stop excessive use of chemically synthesized substances such as disinfectants and detergents due to an excessive concern for hygiene.

2. Stop the overuse of antibiotics, insecticides, and chemicals used in sterilization.

3. Ensure that the microbiome in the intestine becomes beneficial by taking enough vegetable fiber to serve as a substrate for good bacteria (food source).

4. If you still cannot solve the problem, transplant the stool of a person who has healthy microbiota.

We are firmly convinced that if these four points are put into practice the majority of diseases will be resolved.

Certainly it is true that triggers of diseases include various stresses, electromagnetic waves, radiation (including medical exposure), air pollution and water pollution, as well as problems related to modern agriculture that structurally requires fertilizers and agricultural chemicals, as well as unfair systems in an excessively competitive society, and even aspects of individual human personality.

“EMIKOSAN,” EM for human consumption in Germany

In the United States and Germany, drinkable EM is on the market. Although not widely promoted, the volume of sales has increased dramatically every year, and it is common knowledge that various health problems have been resolved through it use. Even in our country, there are many people maintaining optimal health by drinking EM of their own accord, using herbs and fruits and so on to make fermented beverages with EM.

There are some reports that in the case of epigenetic-caused dysfunctional genes, genetic defects were considerably corrected when drinking EM. In the accepted wisdom of traditional medicine this is considered impossible, and is seen to lie in the realm of the miraculous.

This book also introduces the fact that microorganisms function complementarily with genes that do not function sufficiently, and that microorganisms support various functions beyond the limits of human genes. For DNA (gene) absolutists, it is a theory that should not be tolerated, but it is already clear who the winner is.

Classical physicists dismiss out of hand my argument that microorganisms render electromagnetic waves harmless or eliminate radioactivity. However, the function of ultra super microorganisms, including the atomic transformation by microorganisms, etc., has become clear, something that goes far beyond the contents of this book.

“PRO EM-1,” EM for human consumption in the U.S.
Until now, when we used EM, treating it as almost divine, miraculous things have happened many times, but if you we ignore EM, or treat it as a mere servant to be used for your own selfish purposes, then you won’t have any good results. In principle, the resonance effect of the person using it and the EM sympathetically amplify energy, a common phenomenon also recognized in the world of “ki” and prayer.

Some books have begun to appear that attempt to use quantum mechanics to explain such diverse phenomena, and experimental results demonstrating the principle of homeopathy have also appeared. That is, vibrational energy is applied to water, substances and microorganisms are added to it, then it is gradually diluted, ultimately to a level where no such substance or microorganisms exist, however the wave properties remain, and these function in the reproduction of the substances and microorganisms.

EM-1 Bacteria cells

When it reaches this level, it can only be explained by the field of quantum mechanics, where anything goes. It is the position of quantum mechanics that before substances and life occur they are in a state where they can possibly become anything. The basic idea is that all things have both particle and wave properties at the same time and can become anything.

The methods of amplifying this quantum state (Superconductivity and the Meissner effect) are also utilized as the principle behind various ascetic disciplines, and when the enzymes that microorganisms have function, this creates a quantum state. From this point of view, atomic transformation by microorganisms is only natural, and it is correct to say that effective microorganisms such as EM are like an almighty God.

There are nearly countless kinds of enzymes, and the various phenomena occurring on Earth can either be heavenly or hellish, depending on the enzymes produced by microorganisms. In other words, enzymes produced by good bacteria and enzymes produced by the bad bacterium are in a struggle with each other.

If this book 90% of Your Body is Microbes is taken as the most important basis for understanding microorganisms and EM application is further developed from this perspective, the majority of diseases will disappear, and it goes without saying that safe, comfortable, low cost, high quality, virtuous cycle, sustainable solutions can be achieved in all fields, including the nation’s finances.

(October 13, 2016)

BRON: https://www.emrojapan.com/living/110

Een herstellend EM resonantie veld creëren met een EM barriere


Hieronder vind je een verzameling praktische informatie over de interessante ‘EM barrières’ waar prof. Higa zo nu en dan in zijn artikelen over schrijft. De bedoeling is dat je met behulp van deze informatie zelf je een EM barriere kan opzetten in je tuin, huis of stad.

Het begin
Prof. Higa is 15 jaar geleden begonnen te experimenteren met de EM barrieres in zijn eigen tuin “blue sky palace for plants” . Op de foto’s in het EM journaal zie je dat hij allemaal plastic flessen met EM-Actief, afgewisseld met flessen water om de groentebedden van zijn tuin heeft liggen. Ook zie je flessen met EM, de zogenaamde “Hado sources” vastgemaakt aan palen met draden die door en om de tuin heen lopen. Beide zijn vormen van een EM barriere. Net als met EM-X Keramiek werken deze EM barrieres d.m.v. resonantie. De omgeving resoneert mee en de herstellende/regenererende kracht van EM doet zo zijn werk. In zijn jaren van experimenteren kwam hij erachter dat EM Super Cera C poeder het resonantie effect versterkt en dat het activeren van EM met zeewater of water met een hoog zoutgehalte het optimale gewenste effect bewerkstelligt.

Prof. Higa’s tuin:

De flessen met EM die de basis van de EM barriere vormen noemt hij Hado sources, Hado bronnen. Hado is een Japanse begrip. Letterlijk vertaald betekent Hado “vibratie”. Maar dit raakt slechts de oppervlakte van de betekenis. Masuro Emoto zegt: “Hado is de wezenlijke vibratie die zich aan de basis van alle materie bevindt. Het is de kleinste eenheid van energie”. De Hado bronnen met EM zorgen dus voor een herstellende Hado in de omgeving waar het wordt toegepast.

Met deze Hado bronnen, kan je  zelf een EM barriere maken. De effecten binnen zo’n barriere zijn o.a:

  • stabiele groei van planten/groenten
  • overvloedige vrucht ontwikkeling
  • verhoging/verbetering van je oogst
  • er is geen gebruik van pesticiden nodig, omdat ongedierte weg blijft
  • de schade door wilde dieren (vogels, runderen) daalt
  • de kwaliteit van de lucht verbetert. Fijnstof gehalte blijft laag. Het is alsof je pure en schone lucht inademt.
  • de schade door tornado’s, stormen, aardbevingen, bliksem blijft weg of is minimaal binnen de barriere
  • de regen die binnen zo’n barriere valt heeft een anti-oxiderende werking, door deze regen verdwijnt roest van voertuigen, gebouwen, apparaten en gebouwen, auto’s die voorheen vies waren, zijn schoon geworden
  • de niet-ioniserende werking van de barrier zet schadelijke energien in (onschadelijke) nuttige energien. Zo wordt wordt het schadelijke effecten van UV licht aanzienlijk verminderd.

*enkele effecten zijn in Okinawa waargenomen, waar een EM barriere is gemaakt met een doorsnee van 55km. Alles binnen deze barriere, die een zichtbare dome vormt, ondervindt de herstellende kracht van EM.

Een EM Hado bron maken
Een EM Hado bron maak je door de volgende verhoudingen aan te houden. Als voorbeeld gebruiken we een 0.5 liter fles:

  • 500ml EMAZ (EM- geactiveerd met zeewater of zout)**
  • 10 gram houtskool/steenkool
  • 10 gram super cera c poeder
  • 1 cc EM-X Gold
  • 2x3v lithium ion batterijen, opgestapeld op 6V te creeren (deze doe je niet in de fles, maar plak je onder of aan de zijkant van de fles in een waterdicht zakje)

** Dit is een EM geactiveerd met zeewater of met 3-3,5% ruw/natuurlijk zeezout (zoals Keltisch Zeezout).

Hoe te gebruiken?
Het volgende is een richtlijn zoals prof. Higa het gebruik adviseert:

  1. De EM Hado bron(nen) bind je op een hoogte van 50cm vast met sterk touw van sterk (2-5mm in diameter),  wat 10-20 jaar mee kan gaan.
  2. Op de hoeken van het te gebied dat je wilt herstellen/beinvloeden met de EM Hado bron plaats je stokken/palen om de touwen aan vast te binden en het gebied ‘in te sluiten’
  3. Bind een barriere-touw aan de top van de pilaar waar de EM Hado bron aan vast zit en verbind deze met de EM Hado bron. Dit touw is het ‘moeder’ touw en bevestig je rondom gebied aan alle pilaren (zie ook de afbeelding onderaan het artikel)
    Verbind de dochter touwen aan het moeder touw en laat deze langs de toppen van de planten lopen of in het centrum van de rijen planten. Van de ene kant naar de andere kant.
  4. Bij een gebied van 500m2 is 1 EM Hado bron voldoende.
    Bij een gebied van 1000m2, gebruik je 2 EM Hado bronnen die diagonaal tegenover elkaar staan.
    Als het gebied nog groter is, dan gebruik je ze bij alle 4 die hoeken.
  5. Hoe meer EM Hado bronnen, des te groter het effect. Als je ze hebt neergezet en er is geen effect waarneembaar dan kan dit zijn dat de kwaliteit van de EM-Actief achteruit is gegaan of dat er te weinig Hado bronnen zijn gebruikt.

Bij fruitbomen bevestig je een Hado bron op elke boom op een hoogte van 1 tot 1,5 meter, vervolgens verbind je ze met een minitouw (dochtertouw)

vermindering overlast van dieren
Om ervoor te zorgen dat vogels geen schade aanrichten kruis je de omheiningtouwen op het hoogste punt, met 1,5 tot 3 meter intervallen.
Voor bescherming tegen wilde dieren plaats je de Hado bronnen op intervallen van 50 tot 100m

versterkend effect
Als er een elektriciteitsbron in de buurt is zal dit geen probleem geven, integendeel, het is juist effectiever als de latente spanning opgewekt kan worden door het te verbinden met de EM Hado bron.
Zodra EM ook rijkelijk (zoals water of lucht) wordt toegepast in andere vormen verdubbelt het de werking van de EM barriere. Dit komt door het resonantie effect.
Door EM Bokashi Kleiballen met houtskool/steenkool (20-30%) en EM Super Cera C poeder (1%) 30 tot 50 cm diep, elke 1 to 2 meter in te graven wordt de grond elk jaar vruchtbaarder en wordt de werking van de barriere versterkt.

Een afbeelding met de uitleg van de EM Hado barriere:

EM Hado barriere op een appelgaarde, tegen de apen. Het resultaat was dat de apen geen appels hadden geplukt!

EM Hado barriere op een appelgaarde, tegen de apen. Het resultaat was dat de apen geen appels hadden geplukt!

Mocht je zelf aan de slag gaan met de EM barrieres, dan horen we graag de ervaringen! Stuur een mailtje naar info [apenstaartje] emvereniging.nl.


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#109: Changes in the Natural Environment by EM Barrier Domes in Okinawa


In the previous article, I explained how to create an EM barrier in the agricultural field, and we received various positive reports from people who performed this method. They have reported that growth is stable, yield and quality have improved, wildlife damage has been significantly reduced, and so on. Also, applications are progressing in the livestock and fisheries fields.

The basic method is to set up plastic bottles that are Hado sources at the four corners of the barn, connect these with a mini rope, and if possible connect this to an electric pole or power supply. In the case of fisheries, it is done in the same way as in fields. Since the space inside the barrier is rectified and the harmful energy is significantly reduced, if combined with EM, it is possible to achieve various limit breakthroughs.

As I have often mentioned, in November three years ago, an EM barrier produced by the return electrical current from the EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa, Hotel & Spa and the EM-X GOLD manufacturing factory was completed throughout the main island of Okinawa. This barrier now has a dome shape of 55km.

The level of rectification in this space is about the same level as SPACE MATE, which is made of EM-X ceramics solidified with plastic. In other words, this space of 55km has the function of EM SPACE MATE, the antioxidant and non-ionic functions and the ability to transform harmful energy into useful energy.

Over 20 years ago, I performed experiments on the functionalization of water by EM-X ceramics. Place 10 pieces of EM-X ceramics (Ring Stone)* in 100 liters of water, spray the water on the leaf side of the crop after 5 to 7 days, add the same amount of water that was used, and repeat. It is an easy method to always have 100 liters on hand.

As a result, the virus that infected papaya became much less virulent, when cucumbers were inoculated with the virus the outbreak of disease was suppressed, and when this water was sprayed on cucumbers and tomatoes infected by the virus, the viral symptoms of the sprouts disappeared and normal growth began.

Similar results also appear in soil application, and the soil gradually becomes more soft and porous. It was also confirmed that the water clusters of water in contact with EM-X ceramics became smaller, and dissolved oxygen rapidly increased.

(* Currently, “EM-X Ceramics (Ringstone)” is no longer sold. Please use “PIPE 35” or “Ii〜Mizu KAGEN” as a substitute.)

As an Effect of the EM Barrier

I have previously explained that things became clean throughout Okinawa. For example,
exhaust gas on highways and tunnels in Okinawa has been purified, the level of particulate matter (PM2.5) blowing over from China remains extremely low, and previously dirty buildings and cars are now quite clean.

In addition, the greenery in mountains and urban areas has become much more abundant, and because of a reduction in the shock waves caused by typhoons, agricultural products such as sugar cane, and other crops and fruits, have grown in a stable way we have never experienced before.

This huge barrier also rectifies ultraviolet rays, so the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays are also significantly reduced. At the same time, the rain falling within this barrier has the same antioxidant power as the water immersed in the EM SPACE MATE, which made EM-X ceramics even more functional, producing non-ionization and converting harmful energy to useful energy.

Since these effects accumulate, the natural environment of Okinawa is steadily becoming more abundant year after year. This year is said to be a poor harvest year, with the harvest down by 30% compared to a normal year’s crop, but because there has been no typhoon attack, as shown in the photos, Rembu (Photo 1), Bananas (Photo 2), Shiikuwasha, flat lemons (Photo 3), Guava (Photo 4) etc. have grown in an abundance we have never seen before.

Rembu (Photo 1)

Bananas (Photo 2)

Shiikuwasha, flat lemons (Photo 3)

Guava (Photo 4)

Even though mangos were not sprayed with pesticide, they are surprisingly fruitful in open ground, and passion fruits are also impressively fruitful. In addition, the sprouts of papaya that had been infected with viruses have grown normally (Photo 5), an example we have never been before, for usually infected papaya shrink at the tip and the fruits are misshapen.

Compared to a few years ago, the soil has become more soft and porous year by year, gradually becoming more fertile, the number of banana weevils, which are fatal to banana cultivation, has also drastically decreased, and the damage from beetles has also been contained. Diseases such as viruses, anthracnose and others have drastically decreased, and there are considerably fewer pests. As a result, the capabilities of horticultural enthusiasts and farmers throughout Okinawa have improved dramatically, with every field and garden growing impressively, and sugarcane etc. experiencing unprecedented growth.

Although I cannot say anything conclusive yet, this has had a great influence on the ocean, too. That is, due to the strong anti-oxidation and non-ionization power of rain falling in the EM barrier, rust caused by salt damage (sea breeze damage) has disappeared, and even if it rains heavily there is no severe pollution as in the past. Most of the pollutants present in the water are ionized through electricity. Therefore, contamination is easy to disperse and is hard to clean up.

In recent years I have heard that the ocean in the main island of Okinawa has become cleaner, more fish are caught, and the revival of coral is proceeding rapidly. These desirable phenomena are due to the contamination on land being cleansed by rain with antioxidant and nonionic effects, so the ocean no longer becomes polluted.

In the past, Okinawa’s rainwater caused many problems since metal machinery would quickly rust when washed with rainwater, and most of the buildings and cars in Okinawa gave the impression of being “dirty” because of conspicuous rust. Nowadays we don’t see this at all, and most people are under the impression that Okinawa’s buildings and cars have always been this clean.

These days, when you immerse rusty equipment in the rainwater falling on the main island of Okinawa, rust comes off and the items become completely clean. Rainwater has become exactly like the pure sacred water used at shrines. When such rainwater flows out into the sea, the natural result is that the antioxidant properties and nonionizing function of the sea increase, water clusters become smaller, and the amount of dissolved oxygen increases.

We have had very few typhoons this year, and the sea surface temperature in July reached 30.1℃ , the highest on record. In a situation like this, bleaching will occur in coral reefs in the entire area of Okinawa Prefecture. But according to divers, while large-scale coral bleaching has occurred since the middle of July in the outlying smaller islands of Miyako and Ishigaki, contrary to these examples such bleaching has not occurred in the main land of Okinawa.

If there is no typhoon in August and the seawater temperature rises even more, this coral bleaching phenomenon may occur in the main waters of the main island of Okinawa. However, according to many divers, while the surface temperature of the water abnormally high, the temperature at the bottom is unexpectedly low, and the coral remains healthy. In other words, we are seeing the phenomenon of reverse entropy produced by EM’s rectifying power.

(August 18, 2016)

BRON: https://www.emrojapan.com/living/106