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Probiotics detoxify harmful chemicals from the body

The study of gut health and the microbiome is on the cutting edge of wellness, and people are returning to diets that include fermented, probiotic foods. Kombucha is massively popular today, as is kefir, sauerkraut, yogurt and other natural homemade foods, and our understanding of the benefits of probiotics continues to grow. We are learning how mood may be heavily influenced… Read more »

90 % van onze ziekten zijn verbonden met ons microbioom

Op weg naar chemie-vrije landbouw in de Rode Hoed “90 procent van onze ziekten zijn verbonden met ons microbioom” Op de vraag: “Kan de voedselproductie zonder chemie?” kwam op de tweede avond van It’s the food my friend een helder bevestigend antwoord van Michel Haring, hoogleraar plantenfysiologie van de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Ook inleiders Corné Pieterse (plantenziektekunde) en Johanna Fink… Read more »

Wide range of drugs affect growth of gut microbes, study says

It’s not just antibiotics that affect our microbes – a quarter of drugs designed to act on human cells do so too. A wide range of drugs from cancer therapies to antipsychotics affect the growth of microbes that are found in our gut, researchers say, highlighting that it is not only antibiotics that can have an impact on our internal… Read more »

Schoonmaakspray even schadelijk voor longen als pakje sigaretten per dag

Het regelmatig gebruik van schoonmaakmiddelen, in de vorm van een spray, is net zo schadelijk voor je longen als het roken van een pakje sigaretten per dag. Dat zeggen onderzoekers van de Universiteit van Bergen. Voor het onderzoek van de universiteit werden 6.000 mensen twintig jaar lang gevolgd. Vooral vrouwen die deze schoonmaakproducten gebruikten hadden significant vaker last van hun… Read more »

Yale study reveals gut bacteria can spread to other organs to trigger autoimmune disease

A new study from Yale University has discovered that a certain type of gut bacteria can migrate from the gut to other parts of the body, triggering autoimmune diseases. The research revealed that certain autoimmune conditions, such as autoimmune liver disease and systemic lupus, could potentially be treated with an antibiotic or vaccine that attacks the specific bacteria. A huge… Read more »

Common skin bacteria found to produce skin-cancer killing molecule

A large population of microorganisms live on our skin. Known as the skin microbiome, many of these organisms serve a vital protective function preventing psoriasis, acne and other diseases. A team at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine has now uncovered a strain of bacteria found on human skin that can protect against cancer. “We have identified… Read more »

Genetics or lifestyle: What is it that shapes our microbiome?

A study brings new hope for improving our health The question of nature vs nurture extends to our microbiome — the personal complement of mostly-friendly bacteria we carry around with us. Study after study has found that our microbiome affects nearly every aspect of our health; and its microbial composition, which varies from individual to individual, may hold the key… Read more »